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The way you formulated that question gave me a headache Manuel. When reading, I thought: Partly due to the speed defined by the mixing of fresh and burnt gases, the fresh gases thus go too far directly into the exhausts.

That way you can try 20 pipes a day if you want, ring the changes and analyse the results, that’s the way to learn! The big advantage is that the whole scavenging will proceed much faster than in the current two-stroke way, because of the maximum TA capacity. I was just teasing you as you seem overmxrs be quick to judge people and their effort few things in this world are free, especially everyone who was ever in touch with racing knows that.


Before touching one peace of metal, I started to make many calculations, which confiscated about a month.

Bucket Racing Fabrication

I have made a little sketch to show what I mean. Eccelstone was bemoaning the lack of noise from the lastest F1 cars, Bernie thinks he can change the exhaust for more noise. But that I will keep for me, till the system has been ready for operating later this year.

I guess Spain will be the last 2strokes heaven, at least in or 80cc.

Leiria, Portugal Date d’inscription: I have a lot of respect for Honda’s technical achievements but I despise these politics. It is relatively long which hinders the heat transport to the surrounding metal, and it is in the thrust face of the overmaes, which is all the more undesirable because any lubricating oil is blasted off by the hot exhaust gases.

The product I used is called Composimold.

Frits Overmars Expansion Chamber aka FOS exhaust concept

Your explanation helps me a lot! Luc, Just came across your FST articles.

A graphic from Mota symulation, was posted as joke on April 1, Certain people on this forum do know about this project but never dare to mention it There they frots not take part in the combustion but instead wash the lubricating oil from the wall. There are no limits, only tendencies, Daniel.

It is a variation on my system from Frits Overmars Nombre de messages: Regarding the FOS cylinder what will be the best method of induction? HRC knows a thing or two about building Overmaes 2 stroke engines. Harald then got the data of my injection project with 2 sudents in my shop and made his anti detonation version of it.


However, in both cases, with much less port surface and therefore also with less engine speed and so very low power is available. In a column that appeared last year in the journal Frjts, I described how ever the idea arose of a new flushing system for two-stroke engines, the FOS-scavening.

Bucket Racing Fabrication

The result was a good running Kreidler with the same performance as a good running RS with 6. It also allows for a longer tailpipe in case you need to move a silencer out of the way.

Page 13 sur The conventional ported McCulloch would wind up torpm. This shows that in order to get the highest current the L being the self inductance has to be as low as possible. So where is the limit for most power, even if the engine is hot? If you are interested in 2 stroke engines and bikes please follow this blog or check back regularly as I will continue to post information and projects as time goes on.