Kristiane Verena Backer is a German television presenter, television journalist and author In May she published the book From MTV to Mecca – How Islam Changed My Life. On 14 April , she married the Moroccan television. 5 Sep MTV presenter Kristiane Backer on how her conversion to Islam changed her life – but it certainly wasn’t easy. 27 Aug Former MTV presenter Kristiane Backer went to Makkah this year to perform hajj, sharing her experience in a video praising the Saudi.

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At 15 years of age, Backer went to the USA as an exchange student for a year.

Since then she has been engaged in interfaith and intercultural dialogue to show the people the beautiful Islam that she found. Should Lindsay Lohan be Allowed to be Muslim?

Asalam-o-Alikum My pray and good wishes for you. It is also important to see the same and many o Out raged by the fact that I wrot a long review only to be prompted that an error happened and my review was not possible to be saved. This section is more for the technologically minded. Kristiane made a determined effort to understand the real essence of Islam through Sufism, and finally reached her destination of Allah Almighty.

After reading the Quran and traveling widely in the Islamic world she knew that she had discovered her spiritual path and she embraced Islam.

English edition | Kristiane Backer – TV Presenter, Journalist and Author of ‘From MTV to Mecca’

To call this programme Science and Islam I think was mieaildsng. Your life changes profoundly, and this she has managed to convey plausibly enough. I do not like to relate these scientific progresses to Islam; instead I would like to say this is the result of the interaction between different cultures.


May God bless you sister……. I really could I was interested in this book for some time but never actually ordered it.

Khan by this time had supposedly abandoned his previous playboy lifestyle and re-embraced his religion with missionary-like fervour.

I want to say at the end what sister Kristiane mentions from the Diwan of Maulana Rumi: Encountering Islamic academics, musicians and fellow converts, Kristiane finds the spiritual path of Sufism and embarks on the ultimate journey krisfiane the pilgrimage to Mecca.

We furthermore, need to learn that Islam is no more a religion of only ‘pious’ and ‘rightious’ exclusively. I am quite at a loss how to rate this book — but in the end, I will settle for 3 backwr out of 5. Posted by safoora on Aug 25, Skip to content By: The story is good. This book contains pages. Khan ended the relationship on the advice of his spiritual leader. Jul 17, Lucy rated it it was ok. Of course we need good will and open minds and hearts kristinae both sides to transcend stereotypes, get to know one another and work together for the common good,” Backer says.

A fateful encounter introduced her to a completely different world to the one she knew, the religion and culture of Islam. bafker

She was stranded in the U. Click for full image. In fact, her skill in networking has managed to attract big names in the media industry to come for a charity dinner and raise funds for Muslims in Bosnia.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. My pray and good wishes for you. Kristiane Backer on Islam and Imran Khan.


Criticism of the title over, I did thoroughly enjoy this programme. Have a blessed Ramadan! She describes holidays to Muslim countries galore — she travels around the world, a short trip with friend so and so here, a longer stay in country XY kritiane but who can normally do this??

Kristiane Backer – Wikipedia

Kristiae captivating story of an MTV star who wasn’t satisfied with her glamorous life. She portrays Islam with a warm heart — and yet, I found her style was a little repetitive, bordering on the naive and uncritical. And I wonder if she realizes what a privileged life she has been leading so far.

What a refreshing read!

The pages could easily be simplified to pages if she was being more selective in her writings. You are brave lady and Allah chosen you.

English edition

For three years Backer and Khan were lovers, making krisyiane trips to Pakistan together and travelling widely in that country. She wrote everything, from her glory MTV days, to her conversion and how is she doing today. ConvertsNew Muslims Channel: May Allah bless you further and give you strength to carry on this work forever. Loved reading every page of this book. And you minneoted it in your movie when you talked about the numeral system which is the outcomes of such interaction.

An excellent read, though bit lengthy at times but the author grabs reader attention and involves the reader in her character.