Learn how to build a fuelless heater with plans by Creative Science and Research. We also offer other fuelless energy sources like a fuelless generator. A FREE ENERGY HEATER, FOR YOUR HOME!Stop paying very high heating bills! This free energy heating system works!!The FUELLESS. This Pin was discovered by Joseph Shanabarger. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

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Because every year hundreds of people die of natural gas poisoning and fuelelss home gas explosions, but our Fuelless Heater is very safe to use and does not need natural gas to operate! Free Energy From The Earth.

Photo taken when heater was not activated. Complete list of all the plans you will get! We had another customer call in to say that he built and tested one of our been can heaters and was very happy with it! This Video takes you step by step in building a small space heater. Free Electricity from the Sky.

Fuelless Heater Small : HOUSE PHOTOS – Simple Fuelless Heater

If you have already purchased plans from us before, then you can deduct the amount you paid heaer the cost of the CD Package 1, by request only. The plans take you step by step so you can easily build this heater. You can purchase zinc plated long bolts at any fue,less store or on the internet. We have a customer that used our heater to heat his existing under the floor pipe heating system in his home, and is very happy with it!


The oil can last for many years! What is Free energy?

fuel less heater

Less civil work pyrolysis tyres machine. The design in our plans are operated at very safe temperatures, and are great for home use. We then suggest using a small free energy motor such as our Fuelless Engine motor to blow the heated air around a room or into your furnace air duct system.

Contact For Free Shipping. With our M2 Technology, there are many options to help your energy needs. Supplies and parts can be found at any hardware store and purchased from the internet See our plans.

You can not copy any photo or any content on this website without the written permission of Creative Science. The Fuelless Heater is very safe to use! Indoor hanging type, automatic running, low noise and powerful blowing; 3.

Fuelless Heater Small

The thermostat can then turn the unit on and off as needed. Product safety and pollution free are our priorities.


Wind Mill Plans – Generators. The only thing that should be replaced is the old heating source, but everything else can stay the same. Each electric box is equipped with several pieces of instrument and automatic observer which can provide the controlling of the furnace fue,less, automatic recording, over temperature automatic power-off protection and so on. Hundreds of our customers have successfully built this small space heater.

The bigger you build this heater the more BTU’s the heater will output. More power HP than before! Run Your Car On Water.

We then built a larger bean can heater and it did much better than the small soup can heater. The heat heager then be controlled by using your old thermostat. To get this kind of high efficiency, free energy is produced and applied as the reaction is started. We are now only able to sell the plans and videos. Many color photos as well as drawings and illustrations.