La Galaxia Gutenberg. Front Cover. Marshall McLuhan. Círculo de La Galaxia Gutenberg: Génesis Del Homo Typographicus · Marshall McLuhan. No preview. La galaxia Gutenberg: génesis del “Homo typographicus”. Front Cover. Marshall McLuhan. Planeta-Agostini, – pages. Galaxia Gutenberg (Romanian Edition) [Marshall Mcluhan] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Lectura obligatorie pentru toti care locuiesc in.

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While it seems reductionist at points setting up a number of not-necessarily-true binary oppositionsit seems to pretty much “get it right. The book is unusual in its design. The present book is a footnote of explanation gutenbdrg his work. Return to Book Page. In some sense, this is a difficult book. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

This essay was first published in the early 60’s and I found it an interesting and stimulating read mostly because I could draw a definite parallel between the discovery and introduction of Gutenberg’s technology to that of modern computers and the Internet in the Digital Era. The main point of irritation gutenbrrg me is how McLuhan’s interpretations of texts could be so loose and, honestly, lazy.

The Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of Typographic Man

I didn’t finish this book. In this new age, humankind will move from individualism and fragmentation to a collective identity, with a “tribal base.

Read this gtenberg after “Understanding Media”, and totally conflated the two in memory. I’m sure your book is as genius as everyone says it is. This book takes a very broad approach on how the printing press changed the way we communicate, and I agree with the author and the scholars he mdluhan in that the printing press had far-reaching effects on the world. Michel rated it really liked it Jan 14, I grew up with parents who quoted “the medium is the message” and valaxia it as part of our answering machine message, but never read any McLuhan till this one.

The chairman of the selection committee was McLuhan’s colleague at the University of Toronto and oftentime intellectual sparring partner, Northrop Frye. This was a fun and inspiring book, and there were points at which I would have considered just giving it five stars despite some of its obvious flaws and the fact that it is quite dated.

Should be read with Walter Ong’s Orality and Literacy: Dominic rated it really liked it Sep 10, Though the World Wide Web was invented thirty years after The Gutenberg Galaxy was published, McLuhan may have coined and certainly popularized the usage of the term gutenbrrg surfing ” to refer to rapid, irregular and multidirectional movement through a heterogeneous body of documents or knowledge, e.


His ideas need to be brought up back into social discussion to raise marshzll and start the process of evolving human consciousness from an adolescent technological tyrant civilization to an adult egalitarian sustainable society.

I love how this book is divided into sections on the different effects marsnall printing press had on society; that makes it far easier to find information for research. It is a problem, but not a moral problem; and it would be nice to clear away some of the moral fogs that surround our technologies.

Sep 15, Sandyssandersatt.

Certainly the McLuhan test can be applied to the Gutenberg Galaxy itself. It sometimes felt like I was reading the most enjoyable annotated bibliography ever, or a medieval text with glosses and super-glosses. See 1 question about The Gutenberg Galaxy….

Indeed “the medium is the message” until we become masters of our communication mediums and use them like tools to manifest a sustainable occupation of Earth. The main body of the book, part 2, “The Gutenberg Galaxy”, consists of short “chapters”, many of which are just three, two, or even one page s in length.

Very good, and very dense. It was enough of a slog that I figured I’d muddle my way through it, but intersperse other books along the way, but no. Jan 07, Toria rated it liked it. View all 6 comments. It popularized the term global village[1] which refers to the idea that mass communication allows a village-like mindset to apply to the entire world; and Gutenberg Galaxy[2] which we may regard today to refer to the accumulated body of recorded works of human art and knowledge, especially books.

Here is the guy who coined the phrase “global village” in the ’60s in reference to what he thought the effect of electronic technology would have on the world.

La galaxia Gutenberg

Ce inseamna azi tipar si scris, comunicare scrisa, audio-vizual si retea informatica de diseminare a celorlalte tipologii comunicationale este la fel de revolutionar pentru omul care creste odata cu ele, la fel cum pe vremea varstei medii, evul mediu unui om simplu-i era dat sa afle tainele alfabetizarii si incarcarii de a scrie si folosi asta in scopul ridicarii sale in contextul vietuirii tiparului conviv de atunci.


Quoting with approval an observation on the nature of the printed word from Prints and Visual Communication by William IvinsMcLuhan remarks:. Quotes from La galaxia Gutenberg. Asta pentru ca scoala educa mai putin calitativ, desi unitati de acest tip sunt multe inca, impactul receptarii a ceea ce se preda scolastic cu ceea ce releva media si accesul neingradit la aceste resurse nefiind altceva decat curiozitate, scoala cam pierde teren in interesul tinerimii peste tot.

The Gutenberg Galaxy – Wikipedia

It helped establish Marshall McLuhan as the original I’m enjoying this book a great deal so far. May 10, Thadd rated it it was amazing. La these presente dans ce livre resiste bien a toutes les att Kcluhan la Galaxie de Gutenberg Marshall McLuhan presente sa grande these que ce n’est pas le contenu du message mais son medium presse ecrite, television, radio, etc.

Marshall McLuhan, the guru of The Gutenberg Galaxyrecommends that the browser turn to page 69 of any book and read it. Print is the technology of individualism. There are fundamental insights in the book which are galaxi to demand a lifetime of understanding, including considerations of formal causality; the nature of literature, manuscript and type; seizing the unconscious that was created by the loss of awareness; the rise of nationalism and the split between economics and politics; theories of communication and the imagination; etc etc.

Overall, I loved the book and am now equipped with a list of other authors to check out. Trivia About The Gutenberg Gal See 1 question about La galaxia Ga,axia.

Cornelius Maher rated it really liked it Feb 02, A anticipat aparitia retelei internet cu mai bine de 30 de ani ca ea sa apara, mergand pe principiul necesitatii dorintei si foamei de informatie care ajuta lumea sa evolueze, la modul ca afacerile au nevoie de trecere a mediului lor de dispersie a tipologiei comercial discursive pentru ca lumea evolueaza si publicul trebuie multumit. Being a difficult subject is a kind of excuse for the somewhat opaqueness of this work.