Gasohol production by extraction of ethanol from water using gasoline as solvent. Stephen A. Leeper, and Phillip C. Wankat. Ind. Eng. Chem. Process Des. Gasohol Production – Free download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt /.pptx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. The experiment simulated a 3-stage countercurrent extraction process. The experimental results showed gasohol with more than 10% (w/w).

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We believe that similar results should be obtained for other types of gasoline used worldwide. The relation that defines the transmitted MMI peak wavelength is well known and is given by [ 19 ]:. In this particular case the length of the No-Core fiber was Find articles by Carlos R. In addition, OFS are compact, immune to electromagnetic interference, exhibit high sensitivity, with good portability and low cost.

Flocculation for algae culture.

Gasohol |

Before a new measurement the MMI sensor is rinsed with pure ethanol and, after filling the channel with a new gasohol blend, the spectral response is measured again. As shown in Figure 3a glass cover was glued on top of the Delrin plate in order to seal the channel. Using a buffered oxide etching BOE solution, which is a mixture of ammonium fluoride and hydrofluoric acid 6: When this occurs the liquids are not homogeneously mixed and a slightly cloudy colloidal suspension is obtained.


After mixing, the gasohol was inserted into the channel and the spectral response of the MMI sensor was acquired with the OSA. Open in a separate window. We performed such experiment by fixing the MMI sensor at the bottom of a container where we could add the gasohil blends. Ethanol or ethyl alcohol is an alcohol-based fuel. In particular Adolfo J.

Gasohol: Facts, Figures and Common Blends

Copyright The Columbia University Press. Methanol-based gasohol is also expensive to produce and is toxic and corrosive, and its emissions produce cancer-causing formaldehyde.

Commercial Uses of Algae. When measuring energy density, the common unit that is used is megajoules per kilogram. Gasohol is typically cheaper than petroleum as it is cheaper to manufacture. Crop prices are raised with the production of Gasohol.

Gasohol – Definition, Glossary, Details – Oilgae

If your engine is knocking or pinging, you should consider running a high octane fuel. Cars that can run on E85 are referred to as flex fuel vehicles.

Long period gratings in standard telecommunication optical fibers for fuel quality control. This should help solve the problem.

Its performance as a motor vehicle fuel is comparable to that of percent unleaded gasoline, with the added benefit of superior antiknock properties no premature fuel ignition.


Since MMI sensors are capable of detecting small RI changes, accurate control of gasohol blends is achieved by tracking the peak spectral response of the MMI sensor. It’s not uncommon to ask, ‘ What is ethanol made from?

As shown in Equation 1the peak wavelength expeeriment be shifted when the effective RI and eperiment are modified, which can be achieved via the evanescent field of the propagating modes. What is Ethanol Made from? With most of the world’s automobiles running on Gasohol, it is only a matter of time before vehicles capable of running on pure ethanol will be designed.

Biofixation of Carbon Dioxide. Fiber optics gasohlo for liquid level measurement. E5 to E25 are known as low ethanol blends, and have 5 to 25 percent ethanol blended with 95 to 75 percent gasoline. Outdoor Mass Algae Culture Systems. Flex fuel vehicles are becoming more common, and many popular vehicles are available with a flex fuel option.

Find articles by Rene F.