Manual Kits. Engine Helicopter. [Download not found] GAUI-NX4. Electric Helicopter. GAUI-X7F GAUI-R5 GAUI-X5 GAUI-X5 FES GAUI-X5 Lite · GAUI-X4 II . GAUI. X. Quad-Flyer. Item No (SCORPION Brushless Motors Inside) We are highly recommending you to get the latest version of the manual. Gaui X Quadcopter: Part One (8 min 16 sec) . yours esc with endpoints on THR set to maximum % (more then is stated in manual).

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With the exception of actually navigating to menus, the setup should be the same across the three brands of transmitters. The next step in the assembly process is to put together the frame, starting with the four frame extensions. Multi-rotor platforms have been gaining in popularity lately, thanks in part to the taui of a competitively priced quadcopter dubbed the X-S. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. I would advise against purchasing the X-S as your very first rotor-wing aircraft.

Please visit GAUI website to download a copy.

GAUI X MANUAL Pdf Download.

All the parts are bagged and ready for assembly. Hang it underneath and make some longer gear legs? But even if you have a little heli stick-time, I think the Gaui X-S would make a great first multi-rotor.

The weather is calm with no wind, and I cant understand why the unit is wobbling. Channels Drones Electric Flight. Motors are under par at times, ESC’s over heat.


Matt Images View all Images in thread Views: Doing so will result in a great flying quad with no bad tendencies. Directions should be read and followed in detail.

Your windshield may bulge up a little so do your best to route wires in such a way as to keep them as low as possible. Has anyone experienced this becuase this is quite frustrating!!!!

Without CA glue, the motor and mount would pop off safely and snap back on easily. Double check every step, especially when it comes to installing the props and electronics.

Gaui has provided some setup help for Futaba, JR, and Hitec, but in this review, we will be covering only Futaba. Im guessing because its a whole lot easier.

Its interesting you asked me that about the camera mount. I’m having to max out the throttle to get manuall off of the ground with the cam mounted Thanks to everyone on this forum Finally, cut out off the excess plastic from the white windshield and attach the included washers with CA glue.

The red wire gets plugged 330d your elevator channel, orange is throttle, yellow is rudder, and green is for gain adjustment and gets plugged into an open channel to be assigned to a 2-position switch on your transmitter.

The S-model is a step up from the original X with updated Scorpion motors and 10 amp electronic speed controls. The guys here at Empire are all knowledgeable, friendly people. Select programmable items 2.


Manual Kits

A couple of questions Originally Posted by Reco. They are rotation specific, meaning two rotate clockwise and two rotate counterclockwise. Both of these upgrades add a level of reliability to the X-S that just wasn’t there with the standard X. I just went and created a new aircraft in my 9c. In the “x” orientation mode, frame extension arms 1 and 4 will be the front.

GAUI 500X Manual

I have got it flying pretty well. Don’t have an account? No matter what I do, the unit keeps wobbling!!! Don’t show me this message again.

I love this quad – my favorite aircraft in the hangar right now! Assembly Tip Add a drop of threadlocking compound to each prop shaft before you tighten down the propellers, and add a drop to the set screw at the base of the hub before you tighten it down on the motor shaft. I’ve read many posts in our manuxl from people claiming their X won’t fly no matter what they do, come to find out they had the propellers installed wrong or the esc’s hooked up incorrectly.

Flight-mode, however, was smooth and predictable while hovering or in forward flight. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. A big thanks goes out to my wife Jess for her video and photography.