Gita Govindam, lyrical poetry in Sanskrit celebrating the love between Krishna and the gopis, specifically Radha, is authored by Jayadeva, the. Gita Govindam with a Sanskrit Commentary (In Sanskrit Only). Item Code: NAD Cover: Hardcover. Edition: Publisher: Rashtiya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth. Gita Govindam In Sanskrit / Hindi: Source 1: | PDF Link| Text Link Source 2: | PDF Link| Text Link.

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In sanskkrit, sound based delicacy occurs when too much of combining vowels and consonants is not adopted as in nistriaguNya, tymbaka and the like, which usage is called as cakra bandha padma bandha way of compounding.

This word is on the analogy of the name of Rama in Ramayana. Nandagopa asks Radha to take Krishna home safely.

Gita Govinda – Wikipedia

It is said the Jayadeva recognised not only a dancer in his wife, but a bhaagavatii pratipatti ‘female devotee’ in her, and thus both have adored their god jointly. On the use of ultramundane word maa dhava lakSmii’s, husband Vishnu may be observed, even when Krishna is manifestly a mortal, and available just before the eye.

They embrace, plant kisses, leave nail marks and are aroused and excited. Thus, though unconnected, this poem remained at the head of the work as a prologue, preamble etc. The Cultural Heritage of India, Vol. Swarms of honey bees buzz around the abundance of flowers on the bakula trees.

Walk towards the bower in the darkness with dark blue clothes on. Thus this poetry, though expressed in mundane parlance, attains a supramundane eros [aspiration toward value] a divine lusting. Because the hero has not come to her, in spite of her earnest longing, the heroine is viraha utkaNThita. She is said to be shrita whorled around him like a climbing plant ni a tree.

The sound of falling feathers of birds or govidnam rustling of leaves make him think that you have arrived.


Readers may please enable UTF to see it. Bronze and wood statues, books and apparel. Wikisource has original text related to this article: Bhrgu’s lord, you made in blood of Kshatriyas the people bathe.

If gods have an errand on earth they have to transmogrify their forms to dwell on earth.

The spread of golden-colored kimshuka flowers gives the impression that they goivndam the radiance from the nails of Cupid who pierces the heart of young men. Assuming the form of a wild boar, Oh, Keshava, you lifted up the sinking earth with your snout, but stuck and lodged on the edge of your otherwise blemishless fangs, she looked more like the blemish embedded on the otherwise blemishless moon, yet you, as an eternal sustainer of earth, allowed her to abide and gkvindam there, whereof oh, Hari, you are the Almighty of worlds, hail to thee In this season that has black tamaala trees enwreathing the environs with their new tender leaves that have their own fragrance akin to the instantaneous fragrance of deer’s musk, and bunches of reddish flowers that analogous to the tender and roseate nails of Love god ready to rend the hearts of youngsters of age Be the first to receive our thoughtfully written religious articles and product discounts.


Some meekish damsel helplessly remaining on the sidelines came into the sight of sidelong glances with romantic gesticulations of fluttery wide eyes of Krishna, and passion is enkindled in her; but that girl, inexpert in romance, at once started gazing at the govinddam lotusy face of the eliminator of demon govidamnamely Krishna, and fixatedly contemplated on it In Kalki’s body you became a sword to scourge the foreign people, comet-like in fire, Keshava: On each govvindam every gvindam to sansjrit, at each and every tree, and in each of the bowers.

He is like the crown of the three worlds and like the blue gem stone for adornment. Renderings can be checked in the online dictionary. Verify the characters on the left From: Prince of Wales Museum, Bombay. While a maiden is engrossed in ronde dancing along with zealously dancing Krishna, she is clapping her palms in rhythm to his fluting, while doing so sets of her heavy bracelets are clanking in undefinable dulcet clanks, intermingling with that fluting, thus that flautist of mohana vamshithe Divine Flute, namely Krishna, is fluting govinxam praises unto her It was a practice to say one or two verses in praise of good poets and in scorn at bad poets su kavi prashamsa, ku kavi ninda.


Honeybees greedy for the fragrant nectar of mango flowers are upheaving the just sprouted leaflets of mango trees; singing kokila birds flitting in those leaves, equally greedy to nibble the new leaflets of mangos, are suddenly disturbed when bees swarmed mango flowers and they are taking to their wings with their pleasant sing song coo cooing; listening these clarion calls of Kokila s heightened is the frenzy of ears of itinerants, for their alter egos like ladyloves came to their mind for a moment, but unavailingly; thus they are somehow spending springtime by dreamy rumination on their dreamy ravishing felicity together with their ladyloves, as in daydreaming.

In this lyric the words keli rahasyam are usually translated as secrets sports, or ggeet love games etc.


With frank and tender lyricism, the Gita Govinda explored the many aspects of sexual passion, from first awakening through fierce regrets and jealousies to the rapture and contentment of bodily possession. While the earth is spinning on the tip of fang, its blackness is appearing as the deer mark in the moon. These would be the sanskrir doubts that arise, though they are not the questions in reality.

The air from malayachala is afraid of being gulped down by the serpents resident there, takes the path to the Himalayas in the hope floating on the ice there. Vrindavan is purified by the water of the Yamuna which flows in the vicinity.

GITA GOVINDAM- CHAPTER -1 – Gleanings from Sanskrit Literature

Hail thee… though yond and yonder, thou art functional from within the solar system, where that sun is just a gem of solar system, while thou art an embellisher of that system in its entirety; as a swan swims in maanasa sarovar, a blissful lake in Himalayas, thou swimmest in the minds of saintly people; thus whittle, whittle the karmic cycles of thy saintly devotees; thus to thee, the felicitous sin remover called Krishna, hail to thee… [a pa 2 2].

Swelling bosoms suggests swelling milky devotion, where both emerge from bosom alone, contrary to a lip service. Vishnu will be in his milky abode and Krishna is brought up in a milky environ. Hence, this is indicative of his Omniscience. Thus, it means that no less than Rama made decorations on Seetha. Thus Brahma and Shiva are born from the body of Vishnu.

Jayadeva developed the aesthetic experience of love, and the songs typically end with dedications to Krishna, which urge readers to cultivate an appreciation of a taste that is both mental discrimination and physical relish.

Shril Jaydev Goswami Hardcover Edition: In this sweet spring time, Krishna is frolicking with a group of dancing young gopis. Thus, the devotional scripts do not care for isms. Oh, Shri Krishna, let this brilliant song on you rendered by poet Jayadeva, be auspicious and rejoicing to you, hail, hail to thee, oh, god….

But they remain a photocopy with many toner patches. Verse Locator for Gita Govindam: Showing him whose get up is: So, let us hail him. Similar is the word used for lalita in lalita sahasra naamaavali kaThina sthana maNDalaa … as one among many of her motherly attributes.