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Put the rafflesia on the ground behind guard. Talk to the passerby Rossi.

Use the camera with the bench to get a photo. The diary gives a hint. Wind the fire hose around the wheel. Use the digital camera on the signpost on the hill.

Look at the map of old France.

Use the bottle opener to ring the bell. Talk to the surveyor. It contains a map of northern France. Use the pocket knife to unscrew the komplettlsuung boulder on the Lazare Construction sign.

Use the pocket knife the remove the rock slide sign. Talk to the tourist.

Take the paper cup and the aluminium foil. Replace the spirit level on the signpost. Slide the photo under the door of the sick bay. Put the rock slide sign in the place of the parking sign. gejeimakte


To align the vacant areas of the discs. Put the disguise on Nina.

Geheimakte 2 – Puritas Cordis (e)

Switch the power off. Return to gehrimakte park. Use the battery acid to open the toolbox. Go to the crocodile enclosure on the right.

Use the flashlight on the clean window. Use the wet bathrobe with the ventilation fan to get a dry bathrobe. Use the tent poles with the fencing to get a reinforced fence. Put the red socks and the white bathrobe in the machine to get a wet pink bathrobe. Just kidding about the last one: She returns the bikini to the case. Take the life-preserver, toothpicks and a CD from the bar.

Use the spirit level tunbuska the left arm of the statue. Return to the Metro. Return to the mosaic in the ruins. Use the fabric with the life preserver and the roses to create a hat like Ms. Look at the window on the stopped clock. Use hat with bathrobe to get Ms. Go gehei,akte to the upper deck. Place the spirit level on the signpost to continue the beam. Feng Li gives Nina a Polaroid.


Geheimakte 2 – Puritas Cordis (e) Lösung / Walkthrough

Key in the code on the Puritas Cordis panel. Look at the dirt on the pavement. Fill a bongo drum with water from the leak. Use the icon on the inventory to switch playing character. On the other side of the island Take the tank-bag. Give the sunscreen tube with soap to the narcissistic tourist. Look at the statue.