Pellet cells from ml overnight culture. 1 min. (1 ml from TB or 2xYT; ml from. LB medium) Discard supernatant. ❑ Resuspend cells in µl resuspension. In our hands, the GenElute miniprep kits yield sufficient amounts of highly pure plasmid DNA. We have used this DNA directly following elution. GenElute HP Plasmid Midiprep Kit. 25 preps. Related Products. Catalog No. Product Description. Pkg Size. NA GenElute HP Plasmid Miniprep Kit.

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Don’t leave your profits on the table! Open in a separate window.

Watch the video to find out why our customers love us. Live Chat Our Experts will be happy to answer your query. One possible mechanism by which the Miraprep procedure could increase DNA yields was that the ethanol addition led to DNA precipitation and that the silica column acted, at least in part, as a filter to capture the precipitated DNA.

Product information – OMNILAB-Catalogue

India declares Rs 4,cr assistance for Bhutan. Miraprepped samples are stable and can be used for sequencing. Please review our privacy policy.

Here we introduce the Miraprep, a rapid protocol that allows isolation of plasmid DNA using commercial Miniprep kits, but with DNA yields comparable to commercial Maxiprep plasmid purifications. Acknowledgments We thank Lauren Bauer and Paul Brewer-Jensen for suggestions on the protocol, and the anonymous reviewers and editor for valuable suggestions.


The Miraprep involves addition of ethanol to the DNA early in the protocol, after the neutralization step and before adding to the spin column. Supercoiled circular DNA-protein complex in Escherichia coli: We proceeded through the Miraprep protocol up to ethanol addition using the buffers from the GenElute Miniprep kit Sigma. Subscription Plans Existing User.

Although low in cost, the precipitation, centrifugation, and pellet washing steps require significant time even for small-scale preparations, and high yield kits require larger scale bacterial cultures and even more time.

To test whether Miraprep purified plasmids were suitable for tissue culture transfections we used human SW colon cancer cells. Sep 7 Oct 15 Nov 3.

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Free Consultation with plsmid Experts. For plasmid DNA isolation, however, several methods are available. We also verified that Miraprep plasmids can be used for DNA sequencing. Received Apr 8; Accepted Jul Consistent with the idea that the column acts as a filter, we were able to effectively capture DNA on the centrifugal filter only from samples where ethanol was added Fig ,iniprep.

Our modified rapid plasmid DNA isolation protocol, the Miraprep, provides DNA yields comparable to commercial Maxiprep isolation kits, but at a significantly reduced time investment less than 30 minutes and without increasing costs Table 1.


The Miraprep: A Protocol that Uses a Miniprep Kit and Provides Maxiprep Yields

Please upgrade your plan for more points. This suggested that the RNase activity in the mjniprep buffer might become depleted over time and become insufficient to decrease RNA levels efficiently. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

Existing User Login Here. We found that the Miraprep produced yields in range of the commercial available Maxiprep kits Table 1but with significant time savings. D Immunoblot analysis of transfection efficiency. Saving import duties, increases your profit margins.

Online Export Import Data Search. Commercial Maxiprep kits require a large time investment.

I have a winner now and expanding rapidly. Indo-Bangla trade stops for two days. Indo-Bangla trade stops for two days. Vivek Jain Director – Microtek. The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.