(Generator synchroniczny do prób napięciem indukowanym jedno- i Keywords: synchronous generator, induced AC voltage test, power transformer. PRZETWORNICA CZĘSTOTLIWOŚCI 50/i. Generator synchroniczny GAdi. kVA, V, obr/kin, Silnik synchroniczny GAd tj. 6BO kW. W artykule wykazano że generator synchroniczny może być z powodzeniem użyty jako Keywords: distributed generation, synchronous generator, stand- alone.

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Separating magnets sjnchroniczny electromagnetic separators used to remove ferromagnetic elements and impurities from non-magnetic material carried on belt conveyors in mining, food and power industry.

In the investigations, there was assumed that the dynamic waveforms caused by a small disturbance of the voltage regulator reference voltage in the form of a step change or a pseudorandom signal PRBS Pseudo Random Binary Sequence are the basis of parameter estimation [10].

Vdi, Vdin — instantaneous values of the filtered and non-noisy voltage n syncchroniczny the generator stator in the d axis. This page was last edited on 17 Decemberat Why not add a EUdict search form to your web site? The parameter estimation was performed for a turbogenerator with the ratings: Please help us improve this site by translating its interface.

The generating unit, including a turbine driven generator and an excitation system with a voltage regulator and a power system stabilizer, is connected to an infinite bus via a transmission line. Zwykle zastosowany jest generator synchroniczny. Wide rage of design variants, working position horizontal or verticalexcitation brushless or static systemrotors squirrel-cage or synchroniczmybearings, voltage regulators, degrees of protection and methods of cooling.

DFME, generators and motors

And you’re ready to go; select EUdict from the drop-down list in search field Firefox or address bar IEinput a word and press Enter. Synchronous generators driven by diesel engine for continuous duty or standby power supply in local or industrial power plants, including biomass-fired plants. If you are searching for a word in the Chinese dictionary and not receiving any results, try without Pinyin term in brackets.

Akademicka 10, Gliwice, E-mail: Synchronous generators driven by diesel engine for continuous duty or standby power supply in nuclear power stations.


File:Rankine cycle layout PL w gen.png

The model consists of: I do this in my spare time. Use of Pareto optimisation for tuning power system stabilizers. Increase in the order of the filter results in a simultaneous increase in the steepness of the amplitude characteristic in the stopband and flattening this characteristic in the passband [17]. Exemplary waveform of the armature?

There are various types of low-pass IIR filters; among others, Butterworth filter, Chebyshev filter, Cauer filter [17]. In the next stage of calculations, the waveforms filtered with the use of a FIR filter designed using the time window method were the basis of estimation.

Each filter introduces a phase shift unwanted from the point of view of parameter estimation. Wide range of offered synnchroniczny technical parameters such as output, voltage, rotating speed and number genfrator pole pairs.

The parametric Kaiser window window of variable shape was used for filtration. Moreover, the signal time sequence is reversed twice in this filtration.

That is why a low-pass filter was used for filtration of the noisy waveforms. Sometimes you can find translation results directly from Google by typing: Smaller estimation errors were obtained for the Butterworth filter. Of the parameters, the most difficult to determine are the stator resistance and the subtransient reactance in the q axis, independently of the filter used in the investigations. Disturbances in signals are the result of the measuring environment, as well as the presence of machines and electrical devices current channels, drives, transformersand converter systems diodes, thyristors.

Under normal operating conditions, the value of the generator stator resistance does not influence the waveforms of electrical quantities significantly. The most common way is by synchronicczny input you must know which language the word is in but you can also use your browser’s search box and bookmarklets or favelets.

It should be noted that the stator resistance of high power synchronous generators is small compared to synchrobiczny synchronous resistance. EUdict European dictionary is a collection of online dictionaries for the languages spoken mostly in Europe.

These dictionaries are the result of the work of many authors who worked very hard and finally genedator their product free of charge on the internet thus making it easier to all of us to communicate with each other.


The waveform of errors calculated according to 2 is shown in Fig. Although EUdict can’t translate complete sentences, it can translate several words at once if you separate them with spaces or commas.

The measured waveforms of voltages and currents are additionally distorted by a rectifier in the excitation winding circuit, a salient pole rotor as well as the slotting of stator and rotor cores. Schematic diagram of the generating unit operating in a single-machine PS The introduced disturbance resulted in changes of the waveforms of: Look at the complete list of languages: Two-pass recursive digital filter with zero phase shift. Diagram showing the basic layout of a Rankine cycle transform heat, in turbogenerators, to electric energy; Fluid is pumped to high pressure going from state 1 to 2.

Heat is added in the boiler by the burning of fuel although h.

Exemplary waveform of errors resulting from filtration of the stator voltage in the d axis Ifd, p. Regardless of the selected measuring method, the main problem of the parameter estimation of synchronous generator mathematical models is to remove the erroneous data and to filter the disturbances from measurement waveforms. Disable autocomplete Translate upon paste Select term in search box.

Assessment of the accuracy of synchronous generator model

Instead of clicking the Search button, just press Enter. Finite and infinite impulse response, zero-phase digital filters were used for filtering the disturbed waveforms. There are several ways to use this dictionary. In Chrome, first click on a language pair and change the search keyword in the field ‘Keyword’ to a keyword eg: Let me take this chance to thank all who contributed to the making of these dictionaries and improving the site’s quality:.

After completion of the estimation process, the filtered waveforms were practically the same as the simulation ones. Siemens Power Technologies Inc.