na Agência de Proteção Ambiental Alemã (UBA – Umweltbundesamt) sob sua Avaliação da genotoxicidade/mutagenicidade das amostras teste pela. ambiental, devido a ineficácia de medicamentos alopáticos para o controle de parasitoses como . genotoxicidade de substâncias ambientais. 4,16, Gerente do Setor de Toxicologia e Genotoxicidade, CETESB Genotoxicidade ambiental Estrategias para a avaliacao da genotoxicidade de sedimentos.

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A bottom up modeling approach Authors: Environmental Health Criteria; Throughout the years, this biomarker has undergone several adaptations in their protocol in order to increase its sensitivity and the possible outcomes.

Comparison of exposure assessment methods in occupational exposure to benzene in gasoline filling-station attendants.

Homes, child day-care centres, primary schools and elderly care centres. However, an oscillation of the comet assay results was observed among workers of different gas stations, mainly in workers from gas stations with lower concentrations of benzene. In this context, the aim of this work was to make use of this version of the comet assay to characterize global DNA methylation in approximately 50 human samples. How to cite this article.

Show full item record Give your opinion. Micronucleus test on gas station attendants.

Deborah A. Roubicek – Бібліографічні посилання Google Академія

Evaluation of genotoxic effects of benzene and its derivates in workers of gas stations. Interpreting available data and identifying critical data gaps for risk assessment. This study aimed i to quantify airborne cultivable bacterial and fungal concentrations in four different types of indoor environment as well as to identify the recovered fungi; ii to assess the impact of outdoor bacterial and fungal concentrations on indoor air; iii to investigate the influence of carbon dioxide CO2temperature and relative humidity on bacterial and fungal concentrations; and iv to estimate bacterial and fungal dose rate for children 3e5 years old and 8e10 years old in comparison with the elderly.


Human biomonitoring ; Biomarkers of exposure ; Environment-wide association studies. For each building, one outdoor representative location were identified and simultaneously studied.

Nevertheless, this technique has not yet been carried out in human biomonitoring studies. O total de UA variou entre 0 e para cada amostra individual.

Deborah A. Roubicek – Google Scholar Citations

Biomonitoring Equivalents for benzene. Programme and Abstract Book Authors: Bull Environ Contam Toxicol. The level of DNA strand ambienhal in the samples from two of the centres 0. Samples were analysed by the methylation-sensitive modified version of the comet assay medium-throughput and by ELISA based assay.

Mutagênese ambiental/nanotoxicologia/ecotoxicologia/genotoxicidade

DSA – Artigos em revistas internacionais. Show full item record Give your opinion.

Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil. DNA damage was assessed by the comet assay in blood leukocytes and by micronucleus MN analysis in buccal cells. Please use this identifier to cite or genotoxicidase to this item: Assay for differentiation of glutathione S-transferases. Segundo Carrieri et al. The inter-laboratory variation was the prominent contributor to the overall variation. Biomarkers of exposure in environment-wide association studies – Opportunities to decode the exposome using human biomonitoring data.


No association related to the other polymorphisms was detected.

The Comet assay is a valuable tool for the detection of DNA damage in genotoxicity and human biomonitoring studies. Please use this identifier to cite or link to this item: Item request has been placed! Biomarkers of exposure ; Biomonitoring equivalents ; Environment-wide association studies Record details.

The use of these enzymes has also allowed the development of a methylation-sensitive modified version of the comet assay. By including an additional step of DNA digestion with lesion-specific endonucleases, the comet assay can provide information regarding the type of DNA damage detected in cells.

Human biomonitoring ; Biomarkers of exposure ; Environment-wide association studies Source: Environmental Health Criteria De acordo com Genotoxicidaee et al.