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As in the Jewish and Christian tradition, in most cosmogonies the divine action supposes the progressive incorporation of the cosmos order and harmony to chase away chaos confusion and darkness. Since then, the image was established as common narrative of the identity of the missing, embodied in this “earth mole. Balandier, Georges,El desorden.

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A activation email has been sent to you. First of all, the search for human remains can be interpreted precisely as an opposing force to the possibility of separation from the group. Palacios, Cristina, April 24,”This is not an experience I would wish for anyone. This process allows us to see how beliefs about death and the threat of oblivion have been consolidated as a trigger for action by relatives in Tijuana.

The Earth was chaos and emptiness, and the darkness covered the abyss; and the spirit of God fluttered over the waters. This process occurs through the imposition of common images of death and disappearance, as well as through the resistance to the establishment from a liminal space. Vision, Understanding, Clarity and Agility.

It is not, however, an isolated episode, but rather a process that may have begun with the capture of el Pozolero a year earlier and his first press statements. This category has gradually been installed as part of the recent struggle by the victims of violence, driven by the families of those missing and murdered across the country, which has elicited a bureaucratic response from the government. This separation not only affects the family and personal life of those suffering his or her absence, but destabilizes the general order, because of the state of uncertainty implied by the lack of a social category into which missing persons may be placed.

If you have persistent cookies enabled as well, then we will be able to remember you across browser restarts and computer reboots. Chaos theory The theory of chaos is the popular name of the branch of mathematics, physics and other sciences biology, meteorology, economics, among others that deals with certain types of complex systems and dynamic systems very sensitive to variations in initial conditions. It is also essential for the consolidation of the communitas generated outside the structure.


At the same time, it becomes a demand for the memory of those who suffer the consequences of an unbalanced social and political system, since deaths and disappearances only serve to balanndier visible the vulnerability of certain populations in regard to others. These approaches enable one to understand funerary ceremonies as an element that concerns not only the family but also desorrden entire social group to which the missing person belonged: The search for bodies in Tijuana began in the wake of el Pozolero’s arrest and responds narratively to his statements.

From the perspective of these authors, mourning as a social process expresses a scenario of mutual relations between the public and the private. Let’s connect Contact Details Facebook Twitter.

The recent case of the missing in Tijuana has balanrier own characteristics.

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A month earlier, the Seido had found the first human bones and teeth in the fl of a quagmire containing a mixture of soil and organic matter. In time, it will be necessary to begin to identify the features of this category, which can already be perceived through a substantial change in terms of its historical precedents.

Another key fact in this category is of course the context in which it takes place. The following section presents an event that demonstrates the theoretical assumptions put forward above. If disappearances are in themselves a deconstruction of georgess, these are collective actions that constitute a framework of social recognition for interpreting and integrating them into our social life. Meeting up with others in similar circumstances enabled bqlandier relatives to provide a space for the absent person and find one for themselves.

From a sociological point of view, it is an essential event for the construction of collective identity, understood as the confirmation of a shared belief that serves as an engine for joint action.

The time that has elapsed between events and the present make it increasingly difficult to conduct investigation and finding balabdier missing alive.

Unlike these approaches, which highlight the disintegrating potential of death in regard to the social fabric, authors such as Patricia Tovar suggest that processes of violence also “help to reinforce or change social structures, opening up the possibility for it to also be an experience of personal growth” Tovar: Ritual action is located at the heart of this social experience. In Tijuana, the discovery of desordenn continues to encourage the construction of a symbolic repertoire to make sense of the disappearance and question oblivion.

Only later, and without any doubt can I claim my body as my own, as indeed I do so often” Butler, It subsequently proposes an analysis of the collective practices carried out on the lands of el Pozolero as processes that contribute to the construction of a new category by which to lend meaning to the recent disappearances in Tijuana and Mexico.


Now the concept of victim begins to be positioned in the center of the agenda and demands a reconstruction of the symbolic frameworks within which war had previously been understood. Turner, Victor,Dramas, Fields, and Metaphors: In order to shed light on this gworges, this article begins with gekrges theoretical examination of the concepts of liminality and communitas of Victor Turner in a dialogue with the proposals geoges social science to understand the social dimension of mourning.

That is, a chaotic organization will be in a state of permanent revolution, will welcome instability and create crisis as a means balanndier transcend its limits Mintzberg et al, gerges They are ignoring the lives of these innocent people and even if they were guilty, they also deserved a trial Lourdes, personal communication, April 23, Symbolic burial rituals, altars in the intimate space, communication through dreams, through meetings with third parties soothsayers, shamans, people with special gifts, etc.

As explained in the following sections, the construction of communitas and the category of missing persons in the context of the War desorde Drugs draws on rituals that seek to lend meaning to the condition of the absent person and forge an identity for them as a social subject.

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Here is the blood, they are here, what more proof do they want? There is an order within the disorder, a meaning within the change and a purpose in the completeness of the change.

The bodies that appeared destroyed the collective forms ell identification, first separating the individual found from the rest of the missing persons and then their balandie from the remaining mourners Panizo, At the center of the individual and social experience of grief lies the collective experience of the group of mourners, which can be understood as a “community of suffering” De Alencar, The first is the existence of violence shown through its consequences embodied in the disintegrated corpses.