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Static behavior of prestressed concrete sections: Extended program Teaching unit I: Nel corso delle sessioni di laboratorio e nei ricevimenti mirati allo sviluppo delle esercitazioni progettuali saranno accertati. Theoretical Fundamentals 25 hours The methodology of structural design. The oral test is aimed at checking if the student has understood the subject in its theoretical aspects and if they are able to apply what studied in specific practical contexts.

Failure to pass the exam will be due instead to insufficient knowledge of the key-concepts such as the static equilibrium rulesfailure to properly master technical language, or it can be due to low operational autonomy shown in the performance of the tests. The course is organized as follows: Stress function or Airy function – Simple cases related to rectangular plates – Cantilever beam with a rectangular cross section – Supported beam with a rectangular cross section Plane strain state – Formulation.

Delayed deformation for concrete shrinkage and creep. Fluent spoken and written Italian is a necessary pre-requisite: Cestelli-Guidi,”Cemento armato precompresso”, Hoepli – L. Learning verification modality Realization and discussion of two design themes with graphic drawings and calculation report of a steel structure and concrete structure.

Advanced Design Of Structures / — School of Engineering and Architecture

Finally, details of nodes, steel positioning, etc. General information on civil constructions: Brief notes on timber structures. Verification against punching shear. Preparation of technical report. The higher scores will be awarded to students who demonstrate to understand with breadth of content and appropriate language, the subjects taught and, further, will show to be able to apply all the teaching content in operating autonomy even for the most complex cases.


He will be able to demonstrate solid knowledge about the modern probabilistic approach to structural safety and reliability as well as about Italian and European Codes, with particuar reference to Eurocodes.

Brief notes on foundation systems: Bolted and welded connections. Sono presenti servizi di terze parti Facebook, Twitter e Google che potrebbero utilizzare cookie di profilazione.

Prerequisites The sudents must have passed the propedeutic exams. Transparent administration Calls and competitions Privacy policy Legal notes List of Thematic websites. Santarella,”Il cemento armato”, 22a ediz.

In case of group work the structure to be designed is more complex: Eurocodes and Italian legislation. Igangreco,”Gli acciai e la sicurezza delle “, Volume I. Edizioni Tecniche, Milano, voll. I, Liguori editore Educational objectives The main goal of the Course is to provide students with basic knowledge of structural design of components and systems in reinforced concrete and steel. Crack width and deformability of beams in cracker range.

Università degli Studi di Perugia

Teaching methods Frontal lessons mainly at the blackboard occasional use of Power-Point slides. Teaching methods In regular classes, problems tecnics the modelling and the design of reinforced concrete structures are discussed.

Assessment criteria of knowledge. The actions upon the structures. The course aims at providing the student with the abilities necessary for the conception and the design of structural systems suitable for civil buildings steel structures, reinforced concrete structures, timber structures, masonry structures and foundation systemswith specific reference to the structural design process, the analysis of structural systems, the safety verifications, the constructive details and the contents of the current technical codes.


Ghersi,tfcnica cemento armato: Transparent administration Calls and competitions Privacy policy Legal notes List of Thematic websites. Modena,”Strutture in legno”, Hoepli. Realization and discussion of two design themes with graphic drawings and calculation report of a steel structure gianggreco concrete structure.

Elastic foundation beam on elastic soil; long, medium, short and rigid beam. General admission requirements Application procedure A.

Approximate formulas and normative requirements. Slabs and memabranes of revolution. Such examples will serve as the basis for the development of the technique developed in the Laboratory of Construction.

The displacement method and verifications with the admissible stress and limit state methods are analyzed. Maggiori informazioni sui cookie e come disabilitarli: The methods are based on the mechanics and simplified models for one- and two-dimensional concrete structures. Passing of the exam will be granted to students who demonstrate mastery and operational capacity in relation to the key-concepts discussed in the course showing, in particular, that the student learned the basic theoretical concepts and is able to argue in a comprehensive manner and in autonomous way the various steps leading to the definition of the main results.

Types and Patterns of actions and materials. See the website of Stefano Silvestri. Moment-curvature diagrams in cracked range. Brief review of “Theory of Structures”.

Assessment criteria of behaviors. I, Liguori editore D. Frontal lessons mainly at the blackboard occasional use of Power-Point slides.