The fifth revised Tribebook, Glass Walkers focuses on the most urbane of werewolf . As to the book itself, the Glass Walker Tribebook for anyone who runs. During the 20th century Glass Walker septs were organized in Houses (as described in the 1st Edition Tribe book). The four Houses were both. A list of all Glass Walker tribe Gifts for Werewolf: the Apocalypse, compiled from all source books, using the revised edition of books when available. For Glass.

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All Glass Walker Gifts | Werewolf: the Apocalypse – Wyrmfoe

Although it seems second-nature to us, the cerebral burden of controlling four autonomous appendages is computationally daunting, and tampered with only at great risk to the experimenter. Magical encryption, such as that created by the Gift: The Garou may not heal herself, spirits or the undead with this Gift. The following are a few sample techno-fetishes from The Book of the Weaver which I found onlinethe Glass Walker tribe book, and gribe Umbra sourcebook.

A PDA can become razor sharp, or a knife could be tapped on to hack into a system. The idea was to be gone the moment after the deed glwsswalker done. With this Gift, the Glass Walker can see through the eyes of a glass spirit in a skyscraper window to pick out their prey from above.

Obviously you must be in Crinos, Hispo or Lupus for to use this Gift. However, there must be strands of the Pattern Web in the area through which the Garou wants to travel. This Gift makes those glassalker choices a little less risky by allowing glawswalker some instinctual co-ordination to be taken.

The effects last for one scene. At a glance, the Glass Walker can tell what is wrong with a machine. On the third turn and every turn thereafter, he is working on cracking glasswalmer door system, security system and defenses system simultaneously. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.

In addition, any successful Social rolls may have significantly more impact than they would without the Gift. The effect of this Gift last one scene or function in the cases of extended renders and processes.

Should the target be immobile for some reason such as being asleepthen one or two successes might be sufficient. Whereas the latter tribe holds the streets and slums as its domain, the Glass Walkers are in the thick of the financial and technological flow, fighting their battles as often with guns, computers, and bank accounts as with fang and claw. The Gift bok taught glassealker any long-lived spirit, such as a turtle or an elephant, and the Glass Walker often have such spirits witness any business transactions they make with other Garou.

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glasswalkker The player spends one point of Gnosis and then rolls his Gnosis pool, difficulty 7. This Gift wreaks pure havoc in urban environments, as pipes burst and roads freeze.

JavaScript is currently disabled. The Central House keeps vast records of every debt owed the tribe. This myth claims for the tribe some role in halting the Impergium, and states that as the Warders continued to observe humanity, it contacted the spirits from whom it learnt its new technologies, and made pacts of their own with them.


A Net Spider teaches this Gift. As long as trihe success is booi, the players of each character may formulate a detailed plan out of character, which both characters instinctually grasp simply from making eye contact. The number of success determines how large a group can be scanned. High Pitch Transmitter Level 1, Gnosis 2 The ear of a wolf can hear sounds much, much higher than that of a human being.

He may choose to exchange normal hearing for radar, or ordinary sight for infrared or UV sight. Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page if possible. With the waning of the Hlasswalker Guys, tribee Central House became a largely defunct body, with the majority of large-scale control now resting in the hands of camp leaders and powerful elders. Garafena was a mythical serpent in Russian folklore that sat upon a golden crown and was called upon to give blessing to his followers.

If successful, the Vook reduces the difficulties of all Social rolls by one for the remainder of the scene. This Gift, once an acquired taste, has undergone a recent surge in popularity. However, two or more Garou with this Gift can team up and carry larger items into the Spirit World.

This effect can be made permanent with the sacrifice of a permanent point of Gnosis if the object itself if changed permanently.


Generally, Glass Walkers use this Gift to turn their smart phones into omni-compatible access keys to computer networks, security feeds, and even car GPS systems. A single success will only allow one word to be sent, five would allow unlimited length. There is no limit to how many times this Gift may be used on a person, but each use requires the expenditure of one Gnosis.

The player then spends one Gnosis. Although unimaginably expensive, prohibitively difficult to come by, and often incompatible with individual brain chemistry, this cunningly-disguised biotechnology offers a quick and comparaticely easy alternative to the tedium of subliminal learning or by-the-book instruction.

Fianna, Get of Fenris & Glasswalker Litany of the Tribe Book Werewolf Apocalypse

Assuming the roll is successful, the Corporate Wolf may proceed to make an attack on the object and any damage done to the object will also be inflicted upon her opponent. This Gift lasts for one hour per success. The difficulty is relevant to the distance the message needs to be sent: This Gift allows the Garou to open a moon bridge that rides the back of a telephone signal, transporting her instantly to the location of whoever is on the other end of the line.

It adds four dice to all soak rolls, even against aggravated damage. Those types would find this Gift a blessing, as would many other types. This Gift does not function in the wilderness, since the Bone Gnawers have lost the knack trihe conversing with such spirits easily.

Glass Walkers – Little Tidbits

This rift was exacerbated by the invention of the railroad; many of the ex-Warders got involved with it, seeing it as the hallmark of a new era, and began calling themselves “Iron Riders”. The Storyteller sets the difficulty based on how complex the machine actually is usually 8.

Finally i, if it has been owned for over a year, only a single success is necessary. The number of successes equals the number of rounds the metal stays heated.

The name has remained static to this day.