Glomus tumor was also the name formerly (and incorrectly) used for a tumor now called a paraganglioma. A glomus tumor is a rare neoplasm arising from the. CT temporal bone and MRI internal auditory canal: 4 mm soft tissue mass along the right cochlear promontory consistent with a glomus tympanicum. Paragangliomas account for % of all neoplasms in the head and neck region, and about 80% of all paraganglioms are either carotid body tumors or glomus.

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Indium labelled lgomus accumulates in these tumours due to the presence of receptors for somatostatin, best visualized with SPECT, but requires the tumor to be greater than 1. The LINAC unit is somewhat different because it utilizes a single radiation source that turn around the patient while the radiation is always focused on the target.

Some tumors are classified as complex as they are considered inoperable or present high surgical risk.

Glomus jugulare tumors are diagnosed yugulae a physical exam and imaging tests, including: These tumors most often occur later in life, around age 60 or 70, but they can appear at any age. Nappe de cellules paraganglionnaires qui s’interpose entre le golfe de la jugulaire et la paroi osseuse de la fausse jugulaire.


Stereotactic radiosurgery for the treatment of Glomus Jugulare Tumors

Please review our privacy policy. It should be noted that this appearance is sometimes encountered in other lesions e. No alteration of the lesions was observed in the imaging examinations during follow-up. People who have surgery or radiation tend to do well.

glomus yugular – English Translation – Word Magic Spanish-English Dictionary

Nerve damage can lead to:. Also erosion of the caroticojugular spine between the carotid canal and jugular fossa may be present Phelp sign. However, treatment may be needed to relieve symptoms.

In general, GJT exhibit an indolent clinical behavior, with a long interval between 4 and 6 years on average between the first symptoms and their diagnosis. One patient experienced 5 th cranial nerve palsy 6 months after treatment, which resolved after a few months. The second aspect is that the consequences of injury to the low cranial nerves, which are typically involved in GJT, are very severe.

Glomus tumor – Wikipedia

While it is a tugular tumor, it is the most common of the jugular fossa tumours. Edit article Share article View revision history. Imaging findings in schwannomas of the jugular foramen.

One patient developed a transient 7 th nerve palsy that improved after clinical treatment. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gamma knife radiosurgery for glomus jugulare tumors: Tinnitus, migraine, hypoacusis, vertigo, and multiple cranial nerve palsy, with possible involvement of 5 th to 12 th cranial nerves. A chemodectoma of the jugular bulb which, when advanced, enlarges the jugular foramen and may produce paralysis of one or more of the last four cranial nerves.


The decision to include cases with relatively short follow-up 3 and 14 months is important in the observation of early complications. Results of radiotherapy for chemodectomas.

Case 2 Case 2. Neurological complications occurred in 12 of patients 8. Acta Neurochir Wien ; When to Contact a Medical Professional.

glomux Early draining veins are also noted due to intra-tumoural shunting 4. In rare cases, the tumors may present in other body areas, such as the gastric antrum or glans penis.

Growth of these tumor is in a number of directions. Glomus jugulare Glomus jugulare tumours Glomus yugilar tumor Glomus jugulare tumors Glomus jugulare paragangliomas. Views Read Edit View history. Planned limited surgical resection followed by staged gamma knife radiosurgery: Articles Cases Courses Quiz. Histologically, glomus tumors are made up of an afferent arteriole, anastomotic vessel, and collecting venule.

Gamma Knife Radiosurgery of the glomus jugulare tumour: Surgery is the treatment of choice and if complete resection is achieved a cure can be expected.

Radiation therapy of glomus jugulare tumors.