It is possible to play on an ordinary lawn and with an inexpensive croquet set Golf Croquet is played between two sides — the blue and black balls versus the. The WCF Golf Croquet Rules – Edition. 1. Outline of the Game. (a) The game is played by striking a ball with a mallet. It is played as either doubles with. 30 Jul The World Croquet Federation released the new 5th edition of the Golf Croquet Rules in July. Several changes have been made as a result of.

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Synopsis of Golf Croquet

CA Ruling on Rules 13 a 1 to 3: However, the striker must never strike any ball other than the striker’s ball. A suggestion is made in the commentary, and approval for alternative colours on the peg has been removed to Rule 3 a.

One such variation is to start on the East boundary within 3 yards of corner IV. Rather it is intended to prevent excessive deliberation before playing.

United States Croquet Association — Rules

Commentary on Corquet 7 e: High speed photography has shown if two balls are close together up to 4mm before a stroke is played ruled the line of their centres, an actual double tap is unlikely because the mallet and striker’s ball will probably still be in contact when the first ball hits the second ball. The game starts in the corner near hoop 4 see diagram. CA Ruling on Rule 8 e: Commentary on Rule 7 c: The underlying principle extends to the deliberate or repeated playing of an opponent’s ball, or to playing two or more turns in succession, or pretending to play a stroke so as to induce the opponent s to play two or more turns in succession.


Its boundary must be clearly marked, the inner edge of the marking being the actual boundary. Play progresses in strict colour order: For separations above 4mm, where contact is made along the line of centres, a croqjet tap will have occurred if the ratio of front ball travel to back ball travel does not exceed 8: Players are to play with reasonable dispatch.

Any accessory impeding a player may go,f removed temporarily. The outcome of a stroke played before time is called is valid play. This rule does not apply in the following cases: It is a fault if, in striking, the striker:. But dules limited progress has been made on tackling the really difficult problems, as no agreement could be reached between the various countries represented on the committee.

Crroquet may also be played as 7 or 19 point games. Rule 14 New wording for Rule 14 a makes it clearer that the list of unacceptable behaviours is not exhaustive.

Golf Croquet Rules – Croquet – Leisure – Hofgut Albführen

A ball may be jumped over a hoop or another ball, provided that the lawn surface is not damaged by the mallet see faults para 21 e. If there is little chance of one of these happening then the outcome is not in doubt, even though the exact finishing position would be unknown. See Rule 11 for what happens when the sequence is broken and how a new sequence is established.

If it is noticed that a wrong ball has been played before all four balls have been played into the game, Rule 11 does not apply and the game reverts to its state after the last turn played correctly in sequence.


If the outcome of the stroke is not in doubt, the ball that suffered interference is to be placed where it would otherwise have stopped. This rule places a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of the players involved.

In a 19 point game, after the first 12 hoops are scored, hoops 3, 4, 1, 2, 11 and 12 are played, followed by hoop 3 again as the 19 th hoop if required.

Interference crosuet balls in different games is dealt with by Rule 9. The excessive distance travelled by the striker’s ball will indicate this. When a player commits a striking fault and then, while one of the balls is still moving, it hits an opponent a non-striking fault has also occurred. The ball starts to run a hoop as soon as droquet front of the ball breaks the plane of the non-playing side of the hoop.

Alternative endings which may be used include playing to a 2 point advantage or using a time limit. Commentary on Rule 9 c: Commentary on Rule 1 h: Playing at an angle to the line of centres will reduce the likelihood of a “double tap”. Damage that breaks or dents the surface, so that a ball rolled gently over the damage may change direction, would be a fault.

The ball must pass through the hoop completely.