The fashion doyenne’s memoir may be starry but it lacks depth, insight redhead called Grace Coddington, who is Vogue’s creative director. Swinging London, chic Paris, sizzling St.-Tropez When Vogue Creative Director Grace Coddington left Wales at eighteen for a modeling. Gaby Wood celebrates the hopscotch life of Grace Coddington, one of fashion’s most enduring icons.

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Speaking of rambling, there is a long windbag of a chapter about her cats. Thank you for signing up! Although, in Coddington’s defense, it’s hard to maintain a sense of perspective when you’ve been in the same business for over forty years.

I of course thought I was so clever in cheering for Grace in the documentary – the anti-Anna If you have not seen the documentary, The September Issue, rent it or Netflix it now.

Unfortunately for Anna Codxington, she is so controlled and expressionless that the director uses Grace Coddington, the creative director of Vogue, as her foil. This book certainly isn’t for everyone.

Book review: ‘Grace: A Memoir’ by Grace Coddington. – The Boston Globe

She has a cat psychic. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The book is full of glamorous photo shoots, exotic locations and parties thrown by the top fashion players in the world. Like Telegraph Books on Facebook.

Grace: a Memoir by Grace Coddington: review

For example, she talks about her lunch interview to make the transition from model to fashion editor, but never describes what it is a fashion editor actually does.

She was recently interviewed in The New York Times about her memoirs and a couple of quotes stuck out to me most: Her delicious, page-turning life story is practically begging to be made into a documentary or feature film. Apr 08, Teresa Leveille rated it really liked it.


Coddington actually explores very little of her own life. At one point she comments that it took her years to understand the link between gay culture and fashion fantasy, but doesn’t bother to explain what it was she came to understand.

By the way, she’s a cat fanatic and the chapter on cats, and the great drawings, are almost the best of the book. Jul 20, Christina McLain added it. It is full of name-dropping and discussions on how chic one designer is over another in certain periods of the author’s life. Sep 13, Terri rated it liked it Shelves: Comparing the fashion world then and now, she takes us on an incredibly juicy journey first as a model, then as a fashion editor for British Vogue and finally as creative director for American Vogue confiding in the reader a host of colourful stories behind many of the fashion shoots she has styled as well as also opening up about her private life including details about failed marriages and the tragic death of her sister.

As a kid grow This is a great book that is long on description of the fashion industry of the past 55 years and of the great fun Grace Coddington had as a model in the 60’s in Swinging London and of the fabulous social scene she enjoyed in the’70’s and onward as a creative force working for such luminaries as Calvin Klein and the ever icy Anna Wintour aka Nuclear Wintour at American and British Vogue.

It was about her reality. She is English, in every since of the word, and in the era she gre A breezy, fun read for those interested in Grace and her rise to the top of the fashion elite. This book is a description of Grace’s life to date accompanied by beautiful, quirky line drawings sketched by her of people and places.


But not for long.

Grace: A Memoir

But buried in the lists are some interesting stories, although she’s a blander in print than on camera. Frankly, the rest is none of our business.

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Sorry to say after reading the first half, enjoying your life’s journey from small English town to London fashionista, but skimmed the second half, which became a slog of minutia about your daily life.

Bio Coddington G For somebody who has had such a glamorous career and befriended so many famous designers, photographers, and models, it took the documentary “The September Issue” about the inner workings at Vogue magazine to make icon Grace Coddington famous outside her fashion circles. There are times when she seems a bit cold, of course, but it’s really astonishing how honest she is about her limitations, emotionally, creatively, and every other way too.

Most Popular in arts Right Arrow. So you never feel like you’re really getting to see behind the self-described shy exterior. Thanks to The Devil Wears Pradaa novel in which a woman not unlike Wintour is portrayed as a demanding monster by a former assistant, Wintour’s fame preceded her; the film-makers must have thought she would be their star. We love doing that!