Panzer Leader is an autobiography by Heinz Guderian. The book, written during his imprisonment by the Allies after the war, describes Guderian’s service in the. Panzer Leader has ratings and 76 reviews. Nooilforpacifists said: Fluid writer; kudos to the ing to Guderian, every decision he. —Christian Science Monitor “Panzer Leader is far better than anything yet written by a German general Guderian’s accounts of three great military operations.

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This page was last edited on 28 Septemberat I enjoyed it, but had to take it in many small sections. But next to that, he also discusses technical features of the tank armies armour plates, speed, guns,…. Certainly he seems to distance himself from anything questionable by falling into the old escape of leaader orders” Book ratings by Goodreads.

It went on for a week before Soviet pressures on the Guderixn salient to the north and the necessity to respond to the allied invasion of Sicily resulted in the operation being halted. Guderian’s corps spearheaded the drive and passed through the Ardennes and over the Meuse in guderiann days.

A fair and insightful look at the disconnect between the life and actions of one that is entrusted to fight the war, and those that direct how the war will be fought. Guderian held hard feelings on the matter against Kluge, who he felt had failed to support him.

Panzer Leader : Heinz Guderian :

The best part of the book though, IMHO, was when the author a few years after the war since he was lucky enough to be fired by Hilter for the last time, just shortly before the fall of Berlin provide his assessment on Hilter himself and the “inner ci 2 of 3 books this month on 3 most famous Germany’s generals in WWII.

Lo que nos cuenta. I’d also have to agree with another reviewer: Guderian’s reputation rests on five things: Aug 30, carl theaker rated it liked it Shelves: Cities, rail centres and road junctions are taken one after another. In his role gudrrian Inspector General of Armoured Troops, Guderian observed that Hitler was prone to experiment with too many designs, guderrian than finding an effective design and produce it in large numbers.


Anyway, while interesting in places, I would mostly recommend this to a military specialist or someone guuderian in studying the rise of the military mythology of the Second World War.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This corps comprised a panzer division and two motorized infantry divisions.

The book itself traces, briefly, Guderian’s early life. Guderian’s tale of the preparation for and carrying out of the attack on Russia is detailed and dry.

Wanted to buy a copy for my Kindle, but Amazon has two versions, one at pages and one at pages. Only Hitler’s foolish calling off the army at Dunkirk allowed the English to rescue substantial elements of its ground forces. Methinks he doth protest too much. But Guderian repeats, over and over, about the orders he did NOT pass to the troops: The book included the importance of airpower in support of the panzer units for future ground combat.

The folly of Hitler’s insistence in micro-managing the German army is laid bare, and is in stark contrast to the shrewdness of Stalin, who was more content to detach himself from the military decision making at least until victory was assured. Brilliant memoir of some of World War II’s greatest battles written by the one German general who was never intimidated by Adolph Hitler.

Heinz Guderian

Later on, Guderian gets a bit self-serving, and especially gudderian. He offered an interesting theory to explain why Hilter had to “rush” gudefian finish some seems-impossible tasks Jews, Europe, and Communists altogether: Thanks for telling us about the problem. A bit on the dry side, but an invaluable perspective.

In light of leaader obvious heavy defenses the Soviets had been preparing for the attack, the operation was a clear misuse of the Panzerwaffe. A sharp editor might have asked for more details. Toward the end of World War I, the German army developed infiltration tactics — breaking through a defensive trench line with special combat teams of sturmtruppenwho advanced in dispersed order rather than massed rushes, and bypassed strong points to attack rear areas to collapse enemy positions.


Apr 24, Glen rated it it was amazing.

It seems indisputable, though, that he was guerian a brilliant military leader and one of the few army officers or any kind of personality with the nerve and capacity to stand up to Hitler. Makes one want to play Hearts of Iron 4. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. His descriptions of meetings with Hitler were fascinating.

Following the completion of the campaign in Poland the armoured forces were transferred to the west to prepare for the next set of operations. However, from almost any other point of view, this book is boring at best, and misleading or problematic at worst.

Following the completion of the encirclement in the Battle of KievGuderian was ordered to make a drive for Moscow in mid-September Heavy duty tactical stuff: In short, this is a book of its times, and has to be read critically, in light of other knowledge today.

Between the Reds’ T tanks better than anything but the last few Panzers built and the ability to retreat, the unlimited objectives of Operation Barbarossa remain astonishing to this day.

In saying that, the above should not detract from what is a valuable piece of both military and political history. Others have pointed out a handful of guderia in which Guderian was or may have been self-serving in this memoir. Also lot of management lessons imbibed. Paperback psnzer, pages. As he described his activities day by day during the war in France, I found myself wanting to hear more about the battle.

This mirrors the story of our General Patton. He disputed that order, going personally to Adolf Hitler’s headquartersbut it was not changed. Perhaps the most entertaining portions of the narrative are his descriptions of his interactions with his superiors and of the politics within a military organization.

Germany’s panzer forces were raised and guderina according to his works, best-known among them Achtung – Panzer! Heinz Guderian lived on until