What is your favorite resource for climbing in The Gunks? I currently have the Gunks App; it just seems to lack detail on the routes. The Gunks are home for VMG. The routes are well known, the terrain, weather patterns and flow of other climbers based on time of year are familiar. Climbing in . The Mohonk Preserve is part of a much larger area called the Shawangunk Ridge (aka The Gunks are world class climbing cliffs which draw thousands of rock Eastern Mountain Sports Schools guides at work and play in some of the best.

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Crevasse escape, a possible fast method. Clicking the GPS button reveals the climb or trail you are closest to. When is it Time to Retire a Lead Rope? Until just a gujks years ago the rappel stations were all slings and rings on trees and many of these still exist.

The rock at the Gunks is the same band of Tuscarora sandstone that runs the entire length of the northeast coast of our nation. Up Rope Newsletter Archive. The Nears Routes was released in October Belaying from the Top while Toproping. What do you folks do after climbing? Check out our new shirt SHOP!

Additionally, the AAC finally! The Approach Finding the correct approach trail is a challenge, even for locals. tunks

Best guidebook for The Gunks???

There is also a variety gastronomic options in the local communities with the Mountain Brauhaus, The Guilder Otter, and Bacchus pretty popular with our group over the years. Can you imagine a 20 foot horizontal roof, encountered feet off the deck at the 5. Photos of select landmarks show you what to look out for when you approach your trail. What is giude approach? Want to partner with us to create an app for your local area?


Rappeling on a very thin rope. Looking for a leader for climbing at the Gunks for fill in available dates here. Imagine a cleaner and harder more dense Seneca Rocks turned sideways. Using a Munter “Pop”.

Join Now Renew Member Benefits. There are four main cliffs The Trapps, Near Trapps, Millbrook, and Sky Top gun,s to the public and several other smaller crags located on the Mohonk Preserve, a nature and recreational preserve started by the Smiley family in the early 20 th century.

Eastern Mountain Sports Schools | New Paltz (Gunks)

Unlike print books, the gun,s are gynks up-to-date with new climbs, photos, closures, and condition information. The best parking is in the West Trapps parking lot until that fills and then you have the parking on the Mohonk Visitor Center side of the ridge which is usually plentiful and only slightly less convenient.

There is no water once you leave the cars. For those of the softer or smarter persuasion, there is a variety of lodging options available ranging from economical through extravagant.

Numerous times each year, springtime thru autumn can you sat spectacular?! Rock and Snow is the local and historic gear gunk located on Main Street in New Paltz and is another good local beta source as well as great shop. The Description Route descriptions give the pitch break down, pertinent information, and descent recommendations. The Trapps Routes was initially released at yunks end of Shirts will also be sold at BC’s climbing gym in New Paltz!

What is the climbing like?

Best guidebook for The Gunks???

Finding the correct approach trail is a challenge, even for locals. The information tab describes area specific dangers such as snakes, ticks, and chiggers. Each route has a high-res base photo, high-res aerial topo, and pitch-by-pitch description including descent info. Guiee do I start climbing there?

All gynks guidebooks continue to receive updates. Did I mention, New Paltz is a college town? Zoomable base shots take the guess work out of finding the start of your route. In an effort to prolong the lives of these rap trees the local community began installing bolted rap anchors — look for and use these if available.


Anything else I should know? You can still climb safely.

But I want to sport climbing! Thanks Bob Graver for this update! DC Climbing History Videos. Most of the routes where put up during the days of 50 or even 30 meter ropes so one 60m will certainly suffice to get you up and down.

Check out BC’s exquisite sets and rapid turn over. Bringing old shoes to life. The approaches vary from less than five minutes to an hour all on the afore-mentioned carriage roads or walking paths. Abrasion Resistance of Webbing. The Gunks a spectacular and convenient climbing destination. There are three general routes most use for the commute between the DC Metro area and the Gunks: The guidebooks by Williams or Swain are the standard.

A PMC Members Shawangunks (pronounced shone-gum) or Gunks Quick Guide

Copy the following text and post it to the Climbing Partners forum on the Mountaineering Section homepage ggunks. The Base Zoomable base shots take the guess work out of finding the start of your route. The difference, however, is that the rock at the Gunks is a Quartzsite conglomerate making it as hard or harder than most granite and where all the features at Seneca are vertically gudie most of the ledges, cracks, and other features are horizontal to the loving earth we depart on our climbing adventures at the Gunks.