The Gurage; A People ojthe Ensete Cultwe. WILLIAM. A. SHACK. London, New York, Nairobi: Oxford. University Press (published for the International. One of the most ubiquitous and traditional crops of the Gurage people is Ensete, The Gurage people still retain many of their unique cultural practices and. Gurage: A People of the Ensete Culture. (New York: Oxford University Press); Gebreyesus. Hailemariam (). The Guragué and Their Culture. (New York.

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If it persists the victim may enter a trancelike stupor, in which he sometimes regains consciousness long enough to take food and water. Meat is not consumed on a regular basis, but usually eaten when an animal is sacrificed during a ritual or ceremonial event. Other foods consumed include green cabbage, cheese, butter, and roasted grains, with meat consumption being very limited also used in rituals or ceremonies.

Addis Ababacapital and largest city of Ethiopia. Views Read Edit View history. Men, usually having the primary income, control the family economically and distribute money.

The memorandum gave this zone a drought risk rating of The basic family structure is much larger than the typical Western nuclear unit. The Gurage, the writer Nega Mezlekia notes, “have earned a reputation as skilled traders”. The Silte have recently asserted their own non-Gurage identity in a referendum held in the year and set-up a new politico-administrative unit at equal status with the.

Institutional Change in the Horn of Africa: They live in small densely-settled villages. Both Christianity and Islam were outside religions imposed on the Gurage by Invasion. Sebat Bet Gurage is spoken as a first language by Gurageethnolinguistic group of the fertile and semi-mountainous region some miles kilometres south and west of Addis AbabaEthiopiabounded by the Awash River on the north, the Gilgel Gibe River a tributary of the Omo River on the southwest, and Lake Ziway on the east.

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Shack notes that the victims are overwhelmingly poor men, and that women are not as food-deprived as men are due to ritual activities that involve food redistribution and consumption.

The Fuga are barred from working the soil because they are believed. Shack postulates that the awre serves to bring the possessed man to the center of social attention, and to relieve his anxieties over his inability to gain prestige from redistributing food, which is the primary way in which Gurange men gain status in their society.

The tree has a very big stem that grows under the ground. The Gurage raise Zebu cattle.

Gurage people

Our editors will review what you’ve submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the article. Indeed, there is evidence that Harla architecture may have influenced old buildings preth c.

The low stretching area, the western fringe of the rift valley and the Wabegive valley having an elevation of m. Braukhamper also states King Amda Seyon ordered Eritrean troops to be sent to mountainous regions in Gurage named Geregewhich eventually became a permanent settlement. At its apogee 3rd—6th century ceAksum became guraye greatest…. Gurage people of Ethiopia. Gurage woman from Ethiopia. Henze, their origins are explained by traditions of a military expedition to the south during the last years of the Kingdom of Aksumwhich left military colonies that eventually became isolated from both northern Ethiopia and each other.

Nevertheless, the victim is subject to cluture repossession, which is vulture by repeating the formula. Sometimes the paste is just cooked over a griddle.


Also, the belief still exists that females gutage less competent then males and that education is wasted on them. Their languages are not always mutually intelligible. Their reputed power of magic and sorcery are greatly feared. People like their food and dancing, as well as the fact that they are clean and hard-working. At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that gurge your changes, so that we can fully understand their context.

In addition to Amda Seyon’s military settlement there, the permanence of Abyssinian presence in Gurage is documented during his descendants Zara Yacob and Dawit II ‘s reigns.

Northern, Eastern and Western. Please note that our editors may make some formatting changes or correct spelling or grammatical errors, and guragee also contact you if any clarifications are needed. Popular Posts June 04, It is also used in other aspects of life.

Gurage Zone

The region is drained by the Tekeze and Gash Mareb rivers. Courtesy J ohan Gerrits.

Its baked in a small pit with coals. Most parts of this Zone are heavily eroded, which required farmers guage protect their enset fields with stone and soil bunds.

Woredas of the Gurage Zone. It ferments in the pit, which makes it more palatable.


Gurage elder at Haro village, Ethiopia. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. The six largest ethnic groups reported in Gurage were the Sebat Bet Gurage