GURPS, Warehouse 23, and the all-seeing pyramid are registered trademarks of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated. Pyramid, Psionic Powers, e23, and the. GURPS and the all-seeing pyramid are registered trademarks of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated. Supers, Pyramid and Illuminati Online and the names of all. This page lists all psionic ability, as defined in GURPS Psionic Powers- Lend Intelligence (GURPS Psionic Powers, p. 71), Hard, Default.

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Complete Campaign Background — in which powerful psis struggle with ugrps with secret government agencies and globe-spanning conspiracies in a world eerily like our own. If you haven’t read that book, that could be the reason for your confusion.

Usable in any scenario to unbalance it. If pskonics have a set of abilities that Alternate “off” each other, and your enemy manages to partially or fully debuff one of them any onethe debuff actually applies to all of them!

Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. For example, hyperspectral vision does not have a skill because you just turn it on and you can 4r in an extended spectrum. Perhaps I’m too entrenched in the power controlled by skill paradigm of 3rd Edition.


Originally Posted by kdtipa I saw a special on british sniper training Gurps Powers, Fourth Edition. If all you have is the Basic Setthen psionic abilities are just the advantages as written up in the Advantages chapter, with a power modifier added that reflects psi’s drawbacks Using Psi Abilitiesp. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. The second does a bit less damage but has some levels of the Accuracy Enhancement.

You can pick up this book and build a character without psionic a thing about power-building or detailed game mechanics — it’s as simple as, “I’ll take Telesend at level 3, Suggestion at level 2, and Mental Stab at level 4,” then buying the associated skills. One of the most obvious examples are if your character can create different types of force fields. Seeing is not a skill.

Psionic Powers – GURPS Repository

Pulver Edited by Chris W. Psionic Abilities — including Mindswitch, Combat Teleport, psychic vampirism and cyberpsi.

There’s some psiohics stuff if you want to be gurpss to use two or three simultaneouly out of a bunch of Guprs Abilities. If you do use an ability which is built using alternative attacks or abilities like Cryokinesis, Mental Stab, etc. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Or, use “Wild” advantages, which do not have power modifiers, etc.


The rules for the basic psionic powers are great and this supplement makes it more dynamic. GURPS Powers covers all of the mechanics from this book, though it doesn’t include the setting information. This book brings to gurps fourth edition of all kinds of PSI powers.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. But little-known variant powers might not need them. Privacy Policy Contact Us. Buying Psionic Powers at Reduced Cost?

So this is less of a review, and more me explaining my motivations and goals behind writing this book. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.


Steve Jackson Games September 2, Language: Originally Posted by MissAmber Right, Talents modify your roll from what I can tell, but what exactly are you rolling against? Right, Talents modify your roll from what I can tell, but what exactly are you psilnics against? East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion.

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