GURPS Autoduel was one of the first worldbooks ever published for the GURPS system – over ten years ago! Its post-apocalyptic world, based on the classic Car . A few things to make car-design easier and more Car-Warsish in GURPS Autoduel. In the 96 pages of GURPS Autoduel, you’ll find: Detailed vehicle design rules. Choose your own tires, engine, suspension, weapons, and accessories — to fit.

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Cycle gangs include the Rogues effectively mercs who work for local oil refineries and the Outsiders your usual thuggish bandits. The next day, there are giant navies setting sail and killer satellites flying by. Dragon Issue – Sep It no longer exists.

FATAL & Friends — GURPS Autoduel

Austin is the capital, though it also has dangerous ruins where law holds no sway. I can see this mattering for some games, like truckers or corporate troubleshooters, but it’s a lot of detail considering many PCs that is, the titular autoduellists will be living off of endorsements and prize money, not paychecks.

Each book contains descriptions of major cities and roads, and includes maps of some cities’ arenas. Asia is hit the hardest of any continent, with flotillas crossing the Pacific to try and escape the chaos going on there.

Then the Blight hit, then the Food Riots. Retrieved from ” https: Denis Loubet, even, was about to move on to other gigs. BurkeRob Garitta.


Wheelguards have no limits. Active autoduellists in a city may also be held accountable for property damage, or just shot on sight.

Does the future look dim? There’s also a heavy following on “nostalgia TV” of ancient reruns.

Don’t gurs think about trying to bypass or crash the toll booths. I think you sent me a copy of that issue… which happened to be the first one I ever purchased back in the day….

Hurricanes pounded Florida in andlaying waste to much of the Atlantic coastline. Though the weapons in Autoduel are considered early TL8, they pale in comparison to most TL7 military weapons. When redrawing this map, you can make it as big as you like! Some run honest communities, while others are effectively just gang strongholds. Where the latter is a Texas Ranger.

Blue Room & Cumberland Games

The initial publication was in Arena cars will be smaller than courier vehicles that need the passenger and cargo space. Still a beautiful tourist destination. HEAT shells can blow through most armor, but you may still need an automatic weapon to help against thick ablative. About the only bit of note is that computers store information on half-pound “computer cubes”, and computers themselves can do things like download the newspaper, shop, send Elmays, etc.

This means that NASA lost its primary launchpad.

At least Steve and company were on the mark with the predictions about gas reserves running low checked the pump lately? Floral Gulch survived due to the local military base, and Brickyard was nuked by terrorists “the crazed Jackson Memorial Commands” in Autodjel Southwest This has a very “Old West” sort of stereotype to autosuel due to poor governmental control and heavy cycle gang activity, matched only by the heavy state patrols; both seem equally dangerous.


Instead, the focus is put on alternative foods, and the development of “quick-grow” techniques developed for cloning make it possible to develop a fast-growing algae, which is put into production by ConTexCo, a Texan company. We’ll get to the latter later.

That is, probably, the thing I like best about these supplements. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

GURPS Autoduel

Given that it’s called GURPS Autoduelit’d be nice to be able to buy more than a “1st-level” car without having to be wealthy, but alas.

This is Gold Cross, Columbus. There was no question which way was forward. This all-new Second Edition is 32 pages longer than the original, and includes:.

But a couple of things have been overlooked.