bij een woonblok volledig funderingsherstel noodzakelijk gebleken. Maatregelen Handboek funderingsherstel, op palen en op “staal”. Share. Stagnatie funderingsherstel Inhoud – KCAF Share. Partieel funderingsherstel van woningblokken – KCAF Share. Handboek Aanschrijven – KCAF. repair; foundation renewal; foundation problems; funderingsherstel .. is derived from the CURNET / SBR Handboek Funderingsherstel and CURNET / SBR.

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It was explained that the PMB design does perform well considering costs, nuisance and sustainability.

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Local conditions like soil profile, hydrology and contaminations determine the progress of bacterial degradation in wooden piles. Nuisance An advantage of this method is that the house remains intact and nuisance is limited when executing the work from the outside or underneath the ground floor 6. Sometimes they can be used directly or just need some modification. From this recess inkassing a hole is drilled up to the underside of the foundation between the existing wooden piles.

With this method no additional bearing capacity is added. The first thing to do is to remove the existing floor first and prepare the site. After piling, the fundringsherstel is cleared beneath the ground floor at both sides which provides a workspace to construct the prestressed concrete beam.

In addition, if the repair takes longer nuisance will be larger, especially when the property cannot be used during the repair.

Especially during city renewal when renovating entire building blocks. Nowadays, the Dutch government and local authorities offers little possibility to either subsidize the repair or to hand out low interest loans for foundation repair. Which pile type and piling technique to choose from depends on: The boundary conditions and requirements will first be determined with the use of the literature review of which a handbofk summary is given in paragraph 7.

Therefore more sand was needed. This part along with the other two parts will discuss the conclusions and recommendations. As a result, the information given is rather basic. These piles are sectionalized and fitted with a welded collar or at times a screw joint.

This most often is the case in the Netherlands due to the already mentioned insufficient bearing capacity or deteriorated foundation. Jack-down piles from a wall is only possible if the masonry is strong enough and if the building can handobek enough reaction force by its own weight.

  IEC 60169-2 PDF

These building regulations can be found in the Buildings Decree Bouwbesluitin Dutch, and the building rules drawn up by a municipality. The table below is derived from the report, translated in to English. With jack-down piling the CPT information is verified by measuring the jack pressure.

Not only are the risks during execution mentioned, but also the general risk of settlement differences in a building block due to partial foundation repair. The inventory of existing foundation repair techniques and the risks, costs and nuisance that come a long.


Short thin piles slieten of alder elzenhout were hammered into the ground. After preloading, the needle beam and part of the pileare encased with concrete for corrosion protection.

Therefore, in case of a crack, the elongation of the steel concentrates in one crack causing a considerable deflection before reaching the concrete strain limit in the compressive area. Short thin piles slieten of alder elzenhout were hammered into the ground. The pile is driven internally by a heavy weight winched handboeek to drive down onto a dry concrete plug prop at the foot of the pile. Sewage pipes can be temporarily diverted.

For a detailed overview reference is made to the Onderzoek en beoordeling van houten paalfunderingen onder gebouwen [F3O, ]. CIE TK V07 43 Wel acknowledged that the pile diameter is always limited by the wall thickness and added that the dead load of a building is usually sufficient to jack-down piles.

Screw-injection piles and jack-down piles are used to limit noise and vibration nuisance 6. A significant factor is the positioning of these cracks together with their widths. The foundation can be classified after examine the bearing capacity of the wooden pile foundation and the sand layer it stands upon. To apply a prestressing force to the concrete the beam is post-tensioned.

Where, the length of the internal lever arm zuniform distributed load qlength l and prestressing force Pm will determine the compressive force in the arch. The material properties of steel reinforcement, which will be used for the calculations, are listed below. From the weight calculations and the chosen design value for the pile bearing capacity it is determined that eight piles are needed per house.



This principle handboe, used here by making a recess in the wall, from which slots are made in the wall from one or both sides to span cables see figure 9. If cracks coincide internally and externally this is a fairly clear indication of foundation damage.

Knowledge of the effects of age on the durability and performance funderingdherstel masonry is essential. Financing the repair often appears to be difficult, especially, in areas where the needed mortgage exceeds the actual value of the house. When the weight of the building is relatively large the heart distance between the piles will be small since the applicable pile diameter is limited to the wall thickness which, consequently, handoek it unnecessary to apply span cables.

Accessibility, however, can probably be improved by, for instance, searching for a technique where most of the work can e. The following is handbooek description of the three separate parts. The four main rivers Rhine, Meuse, Schelde and IJssel and the influence of the sea have strongly formed the Netherlands and have determined the Dutch soil structure.

Thereafter a steel casing can be inserted, secured with grout, to include the weight of the foundation. The maximum distance between the piles is limited to about 2. These three are rather extreme cases stated by using the design principles for the selection of characteristics which ensure the concepts are not alike. An estimated value for the additional costs that is considered equal for both alternatives. Prins mentioned that bottom driven steel piles are still most frequently used, simply because it is the cheapest method, he explained.

The use of two piles instead of one was to increase the load bearing capacity of the foundation and stability during construction. Clearly, this low height is also inefficient later on. When together mixed with water this becomes mortar. In part 3 it must be determined if this concept is feasible and can compete with current foundation repair techniques.