Contextual translation of “horeca medewerker” into English. Human translations with examples: horeca, employees, empleados, assistants, contributor, staff. Marketing en sales voor de horeca deel 1 .. the Hospitality Industry Sector [ Handboek van de Referentie-functies voor de Bedrijfstak Horeca]. Hospitality Analysis System (“Horeca Analyse Systeem (HAS)”) of the Dutch Board for the “Handboek Referentiefuncties Bedrijfstak Horeca” (Landelijke.

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Clear goals Sharing Cooperation Initiative responsibility in a team Flexibility Goodcommunication Respect for each other Task, authority and responsibility are inextricably connected with each other.

Horizontal Horizontal job specialisationjob specialisation Horizontal job specialisation in its extreme form consists of someone continually performing the same activity, day in day out. Schateiland en Tablegroup Description bevrijfstak the situation Bedrijfsatk strengths and referentiefnucties of the personnel policy. Researchers of scientific management also advocated task specialisation for three reasons. PubHTML5 site will be inoperative during the times indicated!

Influence of the employees In practice, much of the influence that employees exert is informal. Tasks are sometimes divided up to enable people to work faster or better. Personnel developmentdevelopment Personnel development means the entirety of activities focused on the quality developing of personnel.

The coordination and standardisation can take place formally, informally, or not at all. Tobe successful and to remain successful, the weaknesses of the team members must be improvedwherever possible.

Chapter 1 Personnel policy 1.

Referentiefuncties in English with contextual examples

The focus of personnel policy is on finding the right balance between the objectives of referentieruncties business and the personal objectives of the employee. Man of Steel Movie Script. This changed under the influence of employment emancipationand the ‘socialisation’ of society.


In concrete terms, job enrichment usually means the addition to the job of activities relating to planning, organisation and control.

Man of steel 2013 script pdf

Difficult circumstances inconvenience These are problems that are inherent in performing a certain job. Quality development is the coordination of the requirements and qualities of the horeac with those of the organisation. Does the employee have contact with, for example, suppliers? Personnel work work The personnel work erferentiefuncties the operational part that primarily relates to: The agreements can be recorded in, for example, the employment contracts, company rules, training courses and the personnel plan.

Her company consists of a large bistro for approximately 80 guests.

The personnel plan describes the following elements: Vertical Vertical job specialisationjob specialisation Horizontal job specialisation relates to a division of tasks between employees at the same operational level.

She has three months to find and train members of staff before the company opens for business. In this context a number of terms are important: Particularly in times of economic prosperity rererentiefuncties can be a challenge for you, the entrepreneur, to fill vacancies.

Horeca????????? in English with contextual examples

Europees horeca vaardighedenpaspoort video. Other employees are then responsible for the execution of certain delegating tasks. The advantages of task specialisation are: Leadership in the workplace. We both loved Man of Steel for these messages.

Personeel en Organisatie Engels Inkijkexemplaar

Examples of company missions Mission of Bastion Hotels: There is also the benefit of not having to start up an expensive recruitment and selection procedure. Organisational Organisational structure structure The method of arranging the organisation of a company is referred to as the organisational structure.


For example, the clearing up of food that has accidentally fallen onto the ground by the chef who had dropped it by accident.

This means that he has to have competencies required in the workplace for example the specific task of chef or receptionist. This allowed the factory to use employees with a lower education who were therefore cheaper. Give your team a bingo card full of amusing facts about bedrinfstak team members ‘Likes Barbara Streisand’, ‘Goes fly fishing’, ‘Once played tennis professionally’.

The organisational plan includes all policy fields in the form of subplans to enable all activities to be properly coordinated. This situation can also lead to him being more and more isolated outside the company. There are five tried and tested methods for finding good personnel. A leader thinks about the future, deliberately plots a course and sets targets to ensure that his business is successful in the long term.

English Used in the hospitality industry, for example. Before the manager can draw refrentiefuncties a job description, it is essential that he first carries out a job analysis. The entrepreneur or another manager can ensure that the work is coordinated in what is referred to as direct supervision.