Hans Monderman, father of the Shared Space movement, argued that reducing traffic regulations can improve road safety. Statistics prove him right, but not. proach to traffic engineering. Shared space schemes started in the Nether- Emma Clarke talks to Hans Monderman and to Ben Hamilton Baillie, an urban. Under the label of ‘shared space’, a radically different approach to street design, traffic flow and road .. with the street. The late Hans Monderman’s last scheme.

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Television journalists were encouraged to carry out interviews in the middle of busy intersections while he stood confidently amid passing cars and lorries. A study by Hammond and Musselwhite [14] using a case study of Widemarsh Street in Hereford found that if traffic volume was relatively low and speeds of vehicles slow anyway then vulnerable road users found it easier to share the area with vehicles, including those blind or partially sighted and older people with mobility impairments.

This page was last edited on 23 Octoberat As a separate concept, “shared space” normally applies to semi-open spaces on busier roads, and here it is controversial. An early scheme in the village of Oudehaske succeeded in reducing speeds well below those achieved by conventional traffic-calming measures.

Shared space

Monderman convinced policy-makers, local authorities and residents to make De Kaden qualitatively more pleasant for all road users by taking away traffic lights, minimising the rules, lowering speeds and promoting traffic flow—all at a complicated junction at which a bus route hqns motorised traffic up to 17, vehicles per day enter the junction from three sared, with cyclists and pedestrians coming from four directions.


With the impact of traffic on communities and public life now a major concern, Monderman pioneered an approach that respected the driver’s common sense and intelligence instead of reliance on signs, road markings, traffic signals and physical barriers.

He was an imaginative and articulate public speaker, and his last lecture, at City Hall in London last November, drew a packed audience of engineers, urban designers, planners and politicians. The psace binary experience of stop or go was replaced with a slower, organic, more alert and more human process of negotiation.

Bohmte introduced a shared space road system in September Retrieved 3 February Shared space design can take many different forms depending on the level of demarcation and segregation between different transportation modes. Retrieved 25 January Throughout most of the 20th century, engineers and planners had assumed that efficient traffic flows and road safety could be achieved only by separating vehicles from civic spaces.

The EU launched a research programme on “shared space” to build on his expertise. How do we improve road safety in residential areas?

Though much in demand as a pioneering expert in the field for over 25 years, at home Monderman often had the sense of being seen as eccentric or simply a troublemaker.

The concept of a shared space where no right of way is defined for all participants is presently not legally possible. The goal of shared space is to improve the road habs and vibrancy of roads and junctions, particularly ones with high levels of pedestrian traffic, by encouraging hanx of priority in shared areas between different road users. Parking meters and stopping restrictions are also absent. This leaves little of shred quality and the essence hns the place you move through; it is then no longer a place where you can slow down, stay, breathe, relax, meet.


The route for vehicles along New Road is only suggested through the location of street furniture, such as public seating and street lights. In London, Exhibition Road was developed into a shared space in after a design competition ina court case, and numerous community consultations. Retrieved 27 September Ejby introduced a shared space project in Denmark.

The references used may be made clearer with a different or consistent style of citation and footnoting. His work compelled transportation planners and highway engineers to look afresh at the way people and technology relate to each other. Sapce 23 May In he was nominated for the World Technology Award for the Environment [6] and gave a presentation on his work in a speech to the formal conference and awards ceremony in October in San Francisco.

Traffic volumes were expected to reduce.

Shared space – Wikipedia

This last principle monderkan from behavioural theory that suggests people adjust their behaviour in response to the perceived level of risk: Hans Monderman, father of the Shared Space movement, argued that reducing traffic regulations can improve road safety. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Shared space is opposed in particular by organisations representing the interests of blindpartially sighted and deaf people, who often express a preference for the clear separation of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Statistics prove him right, but not everybody is convinced. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There are wide-ranging reservations about the practicality of the shared space philosophy.