Innis, Harold A., Empire and communications \ i~,~}. k \1.\i.. ‘i+h l”!r·,)~\_l.t rVl. I\ P;’3·\:: ,f~.rl PAPER AND THE PRINTING PRESS ;Ji! ‘Jt~j. Harold Innis: Prophet of Empire & Communications. 03Jan Photograph of Harold Innis standing among lilacs, no date Harold Innis, no date. Source. Empire and Communications examines the impact of media such as stone, clay, papyrus and the alphabet on the empires of Egypt and.

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In turn the administrative bureaucracy of military conquerors becomes linked to the ecclesiastical hierarchy and monopolistic, the breach between the written and the spoken word is widened and invasion from new peoples is invited.

But the speech of the individual continued in a constant struggle with language and brought about constant adjustment. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The hafold used prayers and offerings to the gods, whereas the magician circumvented them by force or trickery.

In part such efficiency ane dependent on the success with which writing linked the written to the spoken word. The cuneiform script was taken over and reduced to thirty-six characters each with one value.

For more detail xnd agrarian grievances, see Durant, p. Innis points out that Western monasteries preserved and transmitted the classics of the ancient world.

Empire and Communications

He’s a charlatan, and it shows. Innis there could have been no Marshall McLuhan.

Innis concludes that monarchies that lack the binding powers of nationality and religion and that depend on force were inherently insecure, unable to resolve dynastic problems. The pentateuchal works breathed the spirit of ethical monotheism and with the historical books emphasized absolute obedience.

Conflicts with Greek city-states accentuated decline of the empire. Knight of the University of Chicago. The latter enjoyed a prerogative and led the prince into the presence of the deity.

Darius died in B. Brian rated it liked it Jan 26, They were then cut into thick strips and laid parallel to each other and slightly overlapping on absorbent cloth. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. The task of understanding a culture built on the oral tradition is impossible to students steeped in the written tradition.


It is probable that communicaions Semites were checked in expansion [42] to the north and compelled to turn toward Egypt under the Hyksos or Shepherd kings. A triangular stylus of about the size of a small pencil with four flat sides and one end bevelled was introduced, probably in the second half of the third millennium.

Philosophical Investigations for Applied Linguistics: Empire and Communications by Harold Innis

Fill in hxrold details below or click an icon to log in: The god of writing was closely related to the leading deities and reflected the power of the scribe over religion. I have been greatly encouraged also by Professor and Mrs. The alphabet enabled the Hebrews to record their rich oral tradition in poetry commmunications prose. The Dark Vision of Harold Innis, and a new foreword by series editor Andrew Calabrese, this previously hard-to-obtain book is now readily available again.

The decline of Egypt permitted the growth of nationalism in Israel. See all 5 reviews.

An extended social structure strengthened the position of an individual leader with military power who gave orders to agents who received and executed them. Students of linguistics have suggested that the spoken word was in its origins a half-way house between singing and speech, an outlet for intense commumications rather than intelligible expression. The treatment of eternal property as a legal personality may have had its influence on Roman law and on the law of corporations.

When we read his work anew over a distance of more than fifty years, it seems fresh and, indeed, prophetic. The word is the word of wisdom. This syllabary was adapted to the Indo-Persian language by scribes familiar innos Aramaic.

Each staple in its turn left its stamp, and the shift to new staples invariably produced periods of crises in which adjustments in the old structure were painfully made and a new pattern created in relation to a new staple.

Empire and Communications by Harold A. Innis

It has been suggested that the priests returned from Babylonia with the idea of a universal god and with no king or nobility arranged a compact with the people. Empire and Communications examines the impact communidations media such as stone, clay, papyrus and the alphabet on the empires of Egypt and Babylonia. Under the Sumerians land had been vested in the god and rent was paid, but the Semites established the [36] practice of allowing land to be held in fee simple on which taxes were exacted.


The Second Harold Innis: The Western church, on the other hand, saw images as useful especially for reaching the illiterate. Scribes yarold the voluminous accounts of the temples and recorded the details of regulations in priestly courts. Innis adds that political speeches such innie his “were given wider publicity through an enlarged circle of readers. Annd book, a tough read but worth the effort.

The most energetic rulers refused to build palaces in old capitals and built new capitals as a means of avoiding the enemies of an old court and of strengthening their prestige.

The work of J and E were combined.

At the time of Innis’s death inhis perspective on the contemporary world seemed radical and far-fetched. The priests of Atum condensed revelation in the rituals of divine worship, and a cult supplied the needs of living images in statues in the temple.

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Along the way, he presents his own influential concepts of oral communication, time and space bias, and monopolies of knowledge.

Hammurabi claimed to have received the laws from the god of justice and subordinated ecclesiastical to civil courts. Conflict between the Semitic king and Sumerian priest contributed to the growth of law evident in the work of Hammurabi. Imposition of wnd Achaemenid monarchy of Persia on the Babylonian and Egyptian empires implied a dominance of Aryans over Semitic peoples and it became necessary to give autonomy to alien nationalities within a military and tribute collecting organization.