Harry Putter and the Chamber of Cheesecakes has 60 ratings and 2 reviews. Lauraloves said: I downloaded this book back in as I am a huge fan of the. AND THE CHAMBER OF CHEESECAKES This is a preview of Harry Putter and the Chamber of Cheesecakes. It contains the first six chapters. A hysterical parody of J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series. In this farce the Harry Potter characters, places, and past events have been twisted around with.

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The unholy pacts he made changed his true form. The most popular of the ghosts, the charismatic Muddy-Cruddy Baron, was telling one of his war stories to a group that had gathered around him listening fascinated.

The Free-Elf benefits by absorbing magical power from those he serves, while his service, in return makes the family’s magical equipment, laboratory equipment, and magical devices operate smoothly.

When he slogged into Elvis Grumblesnore’s office to return a few bleach- based household cleaners that he had borrowed during his battle, he found himself interrupting a conversation with Grumblesnore and Luscious Maldoy, who was there along with his Free-Elf servant, Bobby.

[PDF] Harry Putter and the Chamber of Cheesecakes Full Online – video dailymotion

I cjeesecakes it Ron, get that thing away from me. When word of the trial reached him in the Department of Muddle Artifacts, he immediately rushed over to the Dirtley House.

His new plan had brought that idea crashing down on their heads. As he waited for Ron and Hermione to arrive, he thought about how he would be seeing them off at the Hogwashes Express in just two days. However, school didn’t start for three more days. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Perky Cheesley was notably absent. His father, Arthur Cheesley had disowned him for it.


Harry Putter and the Chamber of Cheesecakes

He was instantly clean, fresh, and lemon-scented. Back then the wizards only used the first two decimal places to protect the entrance of Platform. There cheesecakkes blast-end toot chops and applesauce, hot fairy wings, and bogglethwart alfredo, along with many fantastic side dishes.

It was entirely prepared for consumption. He never felt at ease with his own popularity, he felt like a dork most of the time. June Blundell rated it did not like it Feb 13, He was warmly greeted by all the other Cheesleys especially Ginny, who cried out, “I’m going to miss you Harry Putter! He fell to the ground holding his head and writhing in pain. Furthermore, Hogwashes records, that were conveniently in the building as Grumblesnore was attempting to answer the Auditor’s inquisition, clearly showed puttfr the school charged the same rate for preschool as it did any other year of school.

He would spend each day cleaning until night when he would fall asleep exhausted. Really seventh time if you include preschool. Little did he realize he was being followed.

They really needed to get some better security over there. Lewis Carroll consequently gave up his career in mathematics, and wrote about his adventures in the strange world he uncovered. Luscious was there in the capacity of chairman of the Hogwashes Board of Education. That was fine with Harry, he wanted someone of intelligence to talk to, Ron, Hermione, heck he would settle for Neville Largebottom.

Harry Putter and the Chamber of Cheesecakes : Timothy R Odonnell :

I couldn’t reach my wand, so I called for help. In the end, Serious Smack died suddenly in a bizarre circus tragedy while trying to escape from Harry.

Oh, I cannot name him, Sir! Krystal Doolittle rated it did not like it Jan 26, Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. However, in a moment, Harry couldn’t stop laughing.


Grumblesnore most likely was waiting to make his grand entrance. It means we need to watch what we say when we write to Harry, and Harry has to be careful what he says when he writes to us. Cheezecakes the court bailiff announced him, he marshaled into the courtroom pompously.

The older children waited as the new cheesecakkes were all given the chance to serve themselves first. For everyone knew Farthard as a heroic adventurer. Mudley had an enormous suitcase, and Aunt Hachooie was holding a slice of pie.

Abis Mall was a one stop shopping Mecca for wizarding needs of every kind, and carefully hidden from the eyes of muddles. Cheesley to cnamber him home. The expanse of naturally wavy strawberry-blonde hair, which she wore down to her shoulders, made her head seem even larger.

The long-term proximity to a good magical family creates a symbiosis from which both the family and the Free-Elf benefit greatly. Harry found cheesecakex hidden chamber, defeated a giant mildew stain, and prevented Riddly from coming back to life by destroying the only copy of his Frozen Dairy Dessert Cookbook. McGooglesnot would be busy readying the first year students.

A few of them flickered annoyingly. They left hary very dejected. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t be able to join the fun of the Hogsbreath visits, since he wasn’t going to school.

One person found this helpful. From a distance, Harry spotted the Cheesley family’s nuclear orange hair and headed that direction, to say hello to all the Cheesleys.