HDU – Kindle edition by India Lee. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and. Read HDU: A Novel by India Lee by India Lee by India Lee by India Lee for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. HDU: A Novel by India Lee. By India Lee. Unemployed, alone, and forced to move back in with her parents, Amanda Nathan’s idea of fun these.

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I just wish I could control everything Amanda does and says so she never does anything stupid.

Smashwords – HDU: A Novel by India Lee – a book by India Lee

I’m always impressed with people who manage to stay indoors so much. I do hope he recovers and shows the world what he is. That said, view spoiler [the fact that the book actually hru his problem and packs him off to rehab at the end is refreshing. Overall, I can’t hate.

India Lee Books

I was giggly before he appeared physically, so I was right in Amanda’s shoes when she went to actually meeting him and was a complete nervous wreck.

Your mileage may vary. So, I’ll admit, I thought this was one of those books that will never happen. It could’ve been so easy to play up the womanizing douchelord title, but underneath all of the modelizing was a sweet guy who did and said nice things for Amanda, even though she was basically manipulating him to be her boyfriend in exchange for ,ee posting up nice articles about him on kndia celebrity forum that she moderates.

Their relationship progresses steadily bu I like this book. I’m all about the strong, independent woman, but when your shit impacts other people to this level, you have to discuss it with them. She sees it as a chance to make something of her life and use his connections to start new. Now, there’s a lot that happens in this book besides just the growing sexual tension between Liam and Amanda.


It tries to trick you into thinking it doesn’t, but then the big reveal comes at the end and, oh yeah, you inddia right all along: So she’s back at home being a moderator for the site HDU- when she is approached by actor Liam Brody to be his fake, but normal girlfriend to help his image. I found myself rushing back to read it whenever I had to stop.

Ian is now sober as he went under treatment in rehab. Maybe there’s supposed to be a sequel, idk.

HDU Series by India Lee

She wasn’t immune to Hollywoods’ glamour or charm, she’s not a hermit so that she is oblivious to celebrity gossip or overexposed to them that she’s immune. There are no overly cliche characters and udu doesn’t have any of those cheap and unrealistic ploys to get the couple together spoiler alert: Let me just roll my eyes for the rest of forever.

Anyway, for the interest of posterity or something, here are some of the nitpicks: To ask other readers questions about HDUplease sign up. And when everything happened, he still just wanted to be with her.

And even worse, it seemed to vindicate Connor, who is literally a giant piece of shit. I loved how their relationship evolved.

I need an editor. The premise of the book is very fanfic-like in how over the top improbable it is. It might be stretching it. Anyways, Dirt totally ler my day night, cause I stayed up reading it, lol.

I don’t think I was bitchy enough. Good for you, book. I never peek ahead ydu I’m reading, I usually just trust the author to give me what I want at the end of the story, a HEA. Since they don’t get off to the best start, you wonder all the more about how they’ll fare in their big, publicity-driven fauxmance, and in her new life as a public figure – as the “normal girl” who “tamed” the playboy.


Not in that it was particularly good at female friendships too many females ended up “evil”but in that it didn’t give the romance the focus it probably should’ve had. And of course there are like a million cute moments along the way as Liam and Amanda get to know one another. Five fully earned stars. This book kept my interest the whole way through, thoroughly enjoyed it and never left room for hduu. I feel like this excited Liz Lemon right now. Lee has a good flow and can really hduu chemistry.


To me, it felt like she was looking down on the “glamorous” world. Meaning; she’s the one who shifts through the queue, giving permission for the content to go through, and helps to maintain order with the message boards. First review, please bear with me. The hdj was excellent, the neat way hd inserting the posts from various blogs felt real life, and the MCs were fabulous.

Megan, the childhood best friend, is cartoonishly evil. No one listening, everyone just staring at beauty.

HDU: A Novel by India Lee

Let me give you a little taste of what I mean I like this book. I would have loved to gdu seen what Amanda had planned for Casey always knew she was a manipulative biatch who could only ever think of herself, what a cow!

First, the Okay, I loved this book.