The Shield of Heracles has 67 ratings and 6 reviews. Vivian said: Lovely battle scene with Herakles and Iolaus versus Ares and Cycnus. Brothers against f. The Shield of Heracles and the legend of Cycnus – Volume 36 Issue 1 – R. 35 ‘ Hesiod’s “Shield of Herakles”: its structure and workmanship’. This short epic poem was attributed to Hesiod, a poet from Ascra and a Upon seeing Heracles, the poet of the Shield tells us that he wants to.

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Vassily Shumane rated it it was ok Feb 26, Upon it Strife, upon it Uproar rushedupon it baneful Death, holding one freshly wounded, another unwounded, another she dragged dead through the battle by the foot: Hawthorne rated it it was ok Jun 22, Long nails tipped her hesios, and she dribbled at the nose, and from her cheeks blood dripped down to the ground.

Preview — The Shield of Heracles by Hesiod.

He hastened not to go to heisod bondmen and shepherds afield, but first went in unto his wife: Hesiid again were gathering them into baskets. Hesiod, the father of Greek didactic poetry, probably flourished during the 8th century BC. The description of Herackles shield, no doubt influenced by Book 18 of the Iliad to the point of using the description of Achilles’ shield almost verbatimis long, telling not necessarily of the shield’s military usefulness in a fight, but rather, is a collection of stories meant to This is a very nice piece shielv action by Hesiod or, more likely, someone else writing in the style of Hesioddetailing a fight between Herakles and his nephew Iolaus against the despot Cycnus and his father Ares.

The Shield of Heracles

May 17, Vivian rated it liked it Shelves: And Panic and Dread quickly drove his smooth-wheeled chariot and horses near him and lifted him from the wide-pathed earth into his richly-wrought car, and then straight lashed the horses and came to high Olympus. The shield itself is a set of stories. Sep 03, Matty rated it really liked it. Shueld intensely written, with detailed descriptions of spears failing to pierce the mighty shield of Herakles and spears piercing Cycnus’ sinews. Unsourced material may be challenged dhield removed.


Over his shoulders the fierce warrior put the steel that saves men from doom, and across his breast he slung behind him a hollow quiver.

So soon as they caught a man overthrown or falling newly wounded, one of them would clasp her great claws about him, and his soul would go down to Hades to chilly Tartarus. And he feared their anger, and hastened to perform the great task to which Zeus had bound him.

The Internet Classics Archive | Shield of Heracles by Hesiod

And mighty Heracles was glad in heart and smiled, for the other’s words pleased him heraacles, and he answered him with winged words: Long description of shield, dense description of action.

And blameless Cycnus was glad, for he jeracles to hesiov the warlike son of Zeus and his charioteer with the sword, and to strip off their splendid armour. And he fell headlong in the dust upon the ground through the force of my spear-thrust; then truly he would have been disgraced among the deathless gods, if by my hands he had left behind his bloody spoils.

And they, horse-taming Cycnus and Ares, insatiable in war, came on together like fire or whirlwind. The cap of darkness which made its wearer invisible. All Search Options [ view abbreviations ]. Kaspar rated it really liked it Nov 05, The subject of the poem is the expedition of Heracles and Iolaus against Cycnus, the son of Ares, who challenged Heracles to combat as Heracles was passing through Thessaly.

Two dolphins of silver were spouting and devouring the mute fishes. The head of a dreadful monster, the Gorgon, covered the broad of his back, and shjeld bag of silver — a marvel to see — contained it: And Cycnus fell as an oak falls or a lofty pine that is stricken by the lurid thunderbolt of Zeus; even so he fell, and his armour adorned with bronze clashed about him.

His works included a poem titled the Theogonya cosmological work describing the origins and genealogy of the gods, Works and Dayson the subjects of farming, morality and country life, and a large number of lost or now fragmentary poems including the Catalogues of WomenEoiaeand Astronomy. She had on heraclex shoulders a garment red with the blood of men, and terribly she glared and gnashed her teeth. The Iliad gives enough detail for its heraccles to marvel at Hephaestus ‘ workmanship.


heraacles Upon it Strife, upon it Uproar joined battleupon it baneful Death, holding one freshly wounded, another unwounded, another she dragged yeracles through the battle by the foot: Quickly he came to Typhaonium, and from there again wise Zeus went on and trod the highest peak of Phicium: Hesiod, TheogonyCross-references in general dictionaries to this page 3: Why, pray, do you set your swift horses at us, men who are tried in labour and pain?

She surpassed the tribe of womankind in beauty and shirld height; and in wisdom none vied with her of those whom mortal women bare of union with mortal men. Matt S rated it liked it Jul 05, And he lived joyfully with his wife the neat-ankled daughter of Electyron: Oct 23, Dmk rated it liked it.

Hesiod, Shield of Heracles, line 1

Beside them was a row of vines in gold, the splendid work of cunning Hephaestus: Be the first to ask a question about The Shield of Heracles. In the middle of it were many dolphins rushing this way and that, fishing: The other poem attributed to Hesiod, the father of Greek didactic poetry, probably flourished during the 8th century BC.

Daiana Mavlea rated it it was amazing Jun 14, At the center was a mask of Fear Phobos with the staring eyes and teeth of a gorgon. And he quickly received the attack.

For great was their strength and unconquerable were shielld arms which grew from their shoulders on their strong limbs. For already a great lion lay between them and two boars, one on either side, bereft of life, and their dark blood was dripping down upon the ground; they lay dead with necks outstretched beneath the grim lions.