The Hidden Connections has ratings and 42 reviews. Fritjof Capra, bestselling author of The Tao of Physics and The Web of Life, here explores another. 2 Aug What’s the fuss about GM food? Fritjof Capra explains why complex systems are inherently unpredictable in Hidden Connections. Quotes from The Hidden Connection, Fritjof Capra. 1. The Hidden Connections: A Science for Sustainable Living by Fritjof Capra (click on title for book link;.

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However, its too early for me to comment on the book. A key insight of the new understanding of life has been that biological forms and functions are not connectioms determined by a genetic blueprint but are emergent properties of the entire epigenetic network.

In this book I propose to extend the new understanding of life that has emerged from complexity theory to the social domain. The Hidden Connections Cover of the first edition. But the social network that actually is the company then extracts what it wants to hear from the imposed plan.

He argues that these should be discouraged.

Network culture

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Read it Forward Read it first. One of the subtitles is ‘Life as the Ultimate Commodity’ — I had not realised in my youth that the Human Genome Project was actually a race against time, a social frituof trying to map the genome for public knowledge before a consortium of corporations did it first so that they could patent it.

My Qs borrowed from Sir Norman Foster architect is: Life is pretty amazing. He gives example of how the internet was used to undermine the WTO pact in Seattle and sees hope for humans in the form of these NGOs which are dedicated to preserving the natural order. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. A brilliant, inspiring book. The rules of behaviour whether formal or informal, are called social structures. Capra’s is a cool and rational analysis rather than the work of a firebrand.

Oct 02, Elinor Hurst rated it really liked it. A book that could make a difference, if anyone is listening.


The Hidden Connections: A Science for Sustainable Living

Reviews suggest that the book is a useful tool in understanding the plight of the environment today, as well as the way in which corporate culture has allowed for these problems to arise and expand. He aims to extend system dynamics and complexity theory to the social domain and presents “a conceptual framework that integrates life’s biological, cognitive and social dimensions”. The concept of sustainability was introduced in the early s by Lester Brown, founder of the Worldwatch Institute, who defined a sustainable society as one that is able to satisfy its needs without diminishing the chances of future generations.

He brings up Saussure here, as you would, the structuralist view that words obtain meaning only in relation to other words, to phrases. Capra looks at systems the human body, ecosystems, global economy from a systems perspective and has much to say about sustainability.

The title really descibes the book well.

Furthermore, he sees important potential in technological advances such as cradle-to-cradle design and hypercars. They won, I had no idea of the drama of that victory, or how much was saved. It’s not just about the free flow of finance and information, it’s about the free flow of goods and services. He then goes on to illustrate how these corporates ffitjof trying to to attain maximum profitability with nary a care for the betterment of employees and the without bothering about the impact their actions have on the environment.

The Hidden Connections – Wikipedia

Published January 6th by Anchor first published While the first three chapters provide the scientific basis for our existence, the next three describe in some detail our e From cellular biology to social constructs to the dangers of GMOs and finally to the future of energy that will be required to provide a sustainable earth, Capra tackles the most intimate and the most complex in stunning and lucid form. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

I also like being reminded of the wonder and unimaginable timescale of our emergence. The outcomes of biotech experiments are connecgions simply hard to predict – which would be a technical issue – but inherently impossible to control.

We look to increase diversity, decrease consumption and above all increase our own ability to work together to increase our abilities to collectively change and shape our world. My aim is not only to offer a unified view of life, mind and society, hidde also to develop a coherent, systemic approach to some of the critical issues of our time. Jul 27, The Capital Institute rated it it was amazing Shelves: May 19, Ken Deshaies rated it it was amazing.


The phenomenon of emergence takes place at critical points of instability that arise from fluctuations in the environment, amplified by feedback loops. Looking for More Great Reads? We can imagine a radically different kind of biotechnology. To try and do so is to deprive them of their aliveness.

Review: Hidden Connections by Fritjof Capra | Books | The Guardian

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But Capra counters that this is just not telling the truth about the way genes actually work. Capra also shows how the rapid deregulation of trade over the past 20 years – carried out largely behind closed doors by unelected bodies – has removed local cultural and legal brakes on the power of money.

Will try again in a different place and time as I think it’s such an important work and a key part of my systems thinking understanding. It is something we know today, without being able to well conceive of what it must have felt like. Changing the game means, first and foremost, changing this basic principle. Trivia About The Hidden Connec Learning from Civic Systems Lab: I wish the whole book was on the alternatives and solutions.

Under the study of complexity theory, or nonlinear dynamics, he traces our existence from our DNA to our involvement in society as a whole. Of course, if we destroy ourselves, I have every confidence that life will continue to emerge and flourish.