High Rhulain has ratings and reviews. N A said: One of the more generic Redwall books. The characters were even less developed than normal; I t. The otters of Green Isle have long been enslaved to the Wildcat Riggu Felis. They work and wait for the day their savior will arrive?the prophesized High. A page for describing Characters: Redwall High Rhulain. Tiria Wildlough Authority Equals Asskicking: She’s the chosen queen of a distant land. She’s also .

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I’ve read tons of books where the intended audience is in a younger demographic, but I still end up enjoying the story. Meanwhile, back at Redwall Abbey, the young Lycian the mouse is Mother Abbess, w The late Brian Jacques dedicated this entry of his Redwall series to his friend Alan Ingram, whom he terms “the guardian at Redwall’s gate. A decent installment to the Redwall series.

I totally think that Brantalis was the best part of this book. This is another Novel by Brian Jacques and they are always amazing, this one seemed less exciting then normal because of multiple story lines that seemed minimalistic in the grand of things.

As always, this is a Redwall book so naturally I enjoyed it. Another grand Redwall adventure with new characters and lands, and some unexpected surprises.


Mar 13, Pages Middle Grade 10 and up Buy. Pandion flew away from Green Isle and lost his way and found himself in Mossflower Woods.

High Rhulain by Brian Jacques | Scholastic

Nov 13, Kelsey Hanson rated it liked it Shelves: That said, it was still better than Pearls of Lutra, and I enjoyed the story overall. With the help of Pandion Piketalon and Brantalis, Leatho is freed and the battle begins.

Their legend is reborn anew, and thus begins my tale. My personal favorite character was a schizophrenic Hare who is the only character with a decent backstory and valiant acts of heroism. There was a lot that went into setting up this story. It seems like Jacques was trying to do something new and interesting, but couldn’t pull it off.

As with all of the Redwall books, the story switches back and forth from Tiria the ottermaid ‘s point of view as she travels, to the events happening at Redwall in the mean time a small band of mangy rats causes some ruckusto the trials of the otters living on Green Isle, to the perspectives of Felis and various other evil cats.

Brian Jacques was born in Liverpool in But they are more than that. I skimmed or skipped them. In the mud of swamps, in rotting weeds, they lie imprisoned by evil misdeeds.

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There is no grand battle, no one-on one with the hero, no tension.

High Rhulain

The theme in this story is dualities. I had to do a double take just to make sure, I was sad and a bit surprised when he died because it was very a sudden event, even the creatures in the book were shocked. Quotes from High Rhulain.

Within the peaceful walls of Redwall Abbey, a young ottermaid named Tiria Wildlough grows restless. Redwall Abbey and Green Isle. Things do end on a rather quick note, and in some cases hugh in one sentence, but again guys it is just a book for kids. This is one of the tales which branches out beyond the borders of Mossflower, even further than Salamandastron, the mountain of hares and badgers.

High Rhulain by Brian Jacques |

I just love the way he talks. Please try again later. Let us drink to all the happy memories hgih have of him. I was particularly disappointed with the “main” villain Riggu Felis.

Bloodpaw and assorted aliasesa renegade hare formerly of the Long Patrol. Mass Market Paperbackpages.