Palavras chave: ciclumig, flor do céu, mestre irineu, santo daime, alto santo, * hinário – a book of hymns; a set of hymns that can belong to one person or in. E alguma coisa na missão do depois mestre Irineu nos remete aos anúncios . Este belo hino abre não apenas o seu Hinário do Cruzeiro, como inaugura a. Other version is that the lyrics never existed and in this case Mestre Irineu would have received only the hymns’ music. Jaime Wanner. *Mestre’s hinário has.

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Godfather is a disguised word but it means at the same time father.

But the hymn is wonderful! Seventeen years have gone by since the passage of our Mestre Raimundo Irineu Serra. And could we, within our conduct as his disciples, do differently? He was a policeman of the former-territory of the Acre and it was there that he met Germano Guilherme, with whom he started a friendship and had a very pretty companionship.

Before the things that have been told, this hiario where our turn comes: Mestre Irineu Serra himself only partially accepted the solidary work regime, because as a man of possessions he always financially remunerated the needful ones.

He asked Her to make him one of the best healers in the world and She answered that he couldn’t earn money with that. There it comes again, Mestre! And he chatted a lot. Then he went mdstre these difficulties until overcoming them, because, with all the simplicity that was peculiar to him, it got exactly to a point where there was much abundance in his house. He behaved throughout his terrestrial journey as a yinario man.

Then he got anxious for that day to arrive.

So, the three of them talked a lot and they explained everything to the priests, and then they went away content, they left. In mestree moment of his passage Antonio Gomes gathered the family, the whole fraternity, and asked for everyone to pray: A majestic and luminous cross involving, in the firmament, Our lord Jesus Christ.


Then you go boy, it is there. The attention and the respect that he gave to the higher authority was the same that he gave to the humblest one, and can we, within our conduction, be different? The first person that Mestre talked to, that he told this story was to Germano, but he told it vaguely, and very vaguely, and said, seemingly looking at the Morning Star again:.

When seeing his approach, he recalls this song, singing it as in a greeting to the companion. Maria Martins – It was as a confession. This is the land where he set his foot, where irinej mortal remains are. Then the Daime is everything. Mestre never told a thing only once as he had the ability to foresee coming events. He worn shoes of the size 48 UK.

It was really me Jesus said that he was the path, the truth and life; indeed, it is thus to be with him. Our Mestre went through this. Mestre went through the fast for exactly eight days in order for Her to come and to deliver him the domain of this world, and it is better not to mestrs because this is the truth, and a truth everywhere.

It’s the same thing with or without candle, it makes no difference. A lot of north easterners died, attacked by the malaria in that region, and Mestre Irineu faced it all. Then he started to receive more.

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This attitude ended up, later on, in trouble. He would tell us that while plowing alone his piece of land, lonely, he would carry a handful of manioc flour and a little pinch of salt. It was then that the governor Guiomar dos Santos himself sponsored, or at least, facilitated his msetre in the region that today is the Alto Santo.

He went back to the rubber plantations after that.


Mestre Irineu – Luiz Mendes do Nascimento

Tell me something – can that be a truth? Germano also desired at this time, and affirmed to himself: He used a lot of [existing] proverbs, not all, but he used some of them and he also created his own.

He is the trunk. He was a fighter irinue survival. Therefore, esteemed brothers and sisters, our Mestre is master for real, because he had the gift of forgiving and hhinario recommends to all of his followers to be also endowed with this gift, which is knowing how to forgive. Only the ones with business dealings would go there and the difficulties were tremendous.

Mestre was formed of this nature. There he received the praising psalms and instructions derived from the sacred realms — the Superior Astral. It had to happen this way. As of this day, the calling to be engaged in the good combat, to be an estimate child of the Virgin Lady Mother and to live in this world with love is sung in the countless free centers dispersed on earth, which exist towards the benefit of our brothers and sisters.

We have to have respect towards our Mestre in order to exactly prove that he is still attending us and that we already have this certainty, which for instance we even mention, be it here, be it there or elsewhere.

He always strove for his survival and inside that arduous struggle he always achieved the goal, moistened with the kestre of his brow, the sweat of his work. I took his blessing like a son, and he said, “Stand up!

He started to work with this commission, ending up gaining a confidence so big that he become its treasurer. Then he sang the whole hymn