Historia calamitatum = Consolation to a friend. by Peter Abaelard; Alexander Andrée. Print book. Latin. Toronto: Publ. for the Centre for Medieval Studies. Unde post nonnullam sermonis ad presentem habiti consolationem, de ipsis calamitatum mearum experimentis consolatoriam ad absentem scribere decrevi, . For we do not easily expect evil of those whom we love.

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Que cum diversis locis exules dispergerentur, oblatam mihi a Domino intellexi occasionem qua nostro consulerem oratorio. It mewrum that one day, in the course of my reading, I came upon a certain calanitatum of Bede, in his commentary calamitatun the Acts of the Apostles, wherein he asserts that Dionysius the Areopagite was the bishop, not of Athens, but of Corinth.

Resistendum est occupationibus, nec explicande sunt sed submovende. For our adversary goes about as a roaring lion seeking what he may devour, and do you still think of peace? Nevertheless such shall have trouble in the flesh: Throughout this letter, Abelard emphasizes how persecuted he feels by his peers.

He, they insisted, had by his writings removed all possible doubt on the subject, and had securely established the truth of the traditional belief. Ad artem itaque quam noveram recurrens, pro labore manuum ad officium lingue compulsus sum.

After our master had returned, however, he lost nearly all of these followers, and thus was compelled to give up the direction of the school. Perveni tandem Parisius, ubi iam maxime disciplina hec florere consueverat, ad Guillhelmum scilicet Campellensem preceptorem meum in hoc tunc magisterio re et fama precipuum; cum quo aliquantulum moratus, primo ei aceptus, postmodum gravissimus extiti, cum nonnullas scilicet eius sententias refellere conarer et ratiocinari contra eum sepius aggrederer et nonnumquam superior in disputanto viderer.

This article reads like a review rather than an encyclopedic description of the subject.

Thus did it come to pass that while I was utterly absorbed in pride and sensuality, divine grace, the cure for both diseases, was forced upon me, even though I, forsooth would fain have shunned it.

Return again to the place of judgment,’ Daniel, xiii.

Historia Calamitatum by Peter Abelard – Free Ebook

Since my oratory was no longer large enough to hold even a small part of their number, they calamitattum it historiaa to increase its size, and in so doing they greatly improved it, building it of stone and wood. If ye were of the world, the world would love his own” ib. Following the return of our master to the city, the combats in disputation which my scholars waged both with him himself and with his pupils, and the successes which fortune gave to us, and above all to me, in these wars, you have long since learned of through your own calamitatuk.

Hoc ego sepe apud me petractando, quantum mihi liceret sororibus illis providere et earum curam agere disposueram, et quo me amplius revererentur, corporali quoque presentia eis invigilare et sic etiam earum magis calamitqtum subvenire.

Quid etiam dixissent isti detractatores nostri, si Malchum illum captivum monachum, de quo beatus scribit Jheronimus, eodem contubernio cum uxore victitantem conspicerent? Quam sobrie autem atque continenter ipsi vixerint, non est nostrum modo ex exemplis colligere, ne Minervam ipsam videar docere.


Quanta denique diligentium Deum illa est ex auctoritate apostolica consolatio, qua dicit: There was in lesser Brittany, in the bishopric of Vannes, a certain abbey of St. Qui frequenter illam beati Jheronimi querimoniam mecum volvens qua ad Asellam de fictis amicis scribens, ait: He could not long, in truth, bear the anguish of what he felt to be his wrongs, and shrewdly he attacked me that he calamitxtum drive me forth.

No sooner had my master heard of this than he brazenly returned post haste to the city, bringing back with him such calaamitatum as he could, and reinstating his brotherhood in their former monastery, much as if he would free his soldiery, whom he had deserted, from my blockade.

Apud nos vero monachi, qui videlicet aut communem apostolorum vitam, aut priorem illam et solitariam Johannis imittantur. They declared that I, who of old could scarcely endure to be parted from her I loved, was still swayed by the delights of fleshly lust. Mirabilis quidem in oculis erat auscultantium, sed nullus in conspectu questionantium. They gladly laid hold of the daily eagerness of my students to hear me as an excuse whereby they might be rid of me; and finally, at the insistent urging of the students themselves, and with the hearty consent of the abbot and the rest of the brotherhood, I departed thence to a certain hut, there to teach cqlamitatum my wonted way.

Historia Calamitatum by Peter Abelard

The metropolis and citadel of the mind cannot be taken unless the army of the foe has first rushed in through the gates. Conferebam cum his que in corpore passus olim fueram quanta nunc sustinerem; et omnium hominum me estimabam miserrimum. Denis calmitatum possession of the abbey of Argenteuil, of which I have previously spoken, wherein she who was now my sister in Christ rather than my wife, Heloise, had taken the veil.

For this reason the renowned philosophers of old utterly despised the world, fleeing from its perils rather than reluctantly giving them up, and denied meaurm all its delights hisstoria order that they historix repose in the embraces of philosophy alone.

Then the legate arose to celebrate mass before entering the council, and through the bishop sent me the permission which had been determined on, authorizing me to return to my monastery and there await such action as might be finally taken.

Paucis itaque diebus ibi me dialectice studium regente, quanta invidia tabescere, quanto dolore estuare ceperit magister noster non est facile exprimere; nec concepte miserie estum diu sustinens, callide aggressus est me tunc etiam removere. Accordingly they put off the condemnation of the book until the close of the council, despite their eagerness to bring it about. Quale illud est beati Jheronimi, in primo Contra Jovinianum, ubi scilicet commemorat Theophrastum, intolerabilibus nuptiarum molestiis assiduisque inquietudinibus ex magna parte diligenter expositis, uxorem sapienti calamitqtum esse ducendam evidentissimis rationibus abstruxisse, ubi et histlria illas exhortationis philosophice rationes tali fine concludens: Quadam autem die, Albericus hstoria me animo intemptantis cum quibusdam discipulis suis accedens, post quedam blanda colloquia, dixit se mirari historiia quod in libro illo notaverat; quod scilicet, cum Deus Deum genuerit, nec nisi unus Deus sit, negarem tamen Deum se ipsum genuisse.


The legate directed me to refer my book to the archbishop and to those same two rivals of mine, to the end that my accusers might also be my judges. You have set up this judge, forsooth, for the instruction of faith and the correction of error, and yet, when he ought to give judgment, he condemns himself out of his own mouth.

Using excommunication as my weapon to coerce the untamed rebelliousness of the monks, I forced certain ones among them whom I particularly feared to promise me publicly, pledging their faith or swearing upon histoeia sacrament, that they would thereafter depart from the abbey and no longer trouble me in any way. Tales quippe semper apud verecundas et honestas feminas tanto amplius dignitatis et familiaritatis adepti sunt quanto longius ab hac absistebant suspitione.

The abbot himself was as far below his fellows in his way of living and in the foulness of his reputation as he was above them in priestly rank.

Historia Calamitatum – Wikipedia

When the public and the meafum had thus learned something of the real character of my teaching, they began to say to one another: Thus in Leviticus xxii. Quo audito magister noster statim ad urbem impudenter rediens scolas quas tunc habere poterat et conventiculum fratrum ad pristinum reduxit monasterium, quasi militem suum quem dimiserat ab obsidione nostra liberaturus.

Most of all does the sense of touch paint for itself the pictures of past raptures, compelling the soul to dwell fondly upon remembered iniquities, and so to practice in imagination those things which reality denies to it.

Deus, qui iudicas equitatem, quanto tunc animi felle, quanta mentis amaritudine te ipsum insanus arguebam, te furibundus accusabam, sepius repetens uistoria beati Anthonii conquestionem: These three, then, took my book and pawed it over and examined it minutely, but could find nothing therein which they dared to use as the basis for a public accusation against me.

Did they not apply the name of wisdom or philosophy as much to the religion of life as to the pursuit of learning, as we find from the origin of the word itself, and likewise from the testimony of the saints?

I pointed out that what had happened could not seem incredible to any one who had ever felt the power of love, or who remembered how, from the very beginning of the human race, women had cast down even the noblest men to utter ruin.