HOFFER – Turbine Flow Meter. ♢ Designed for custody transfer flow applications. ♢ Output linear with flow rate. ♢ Optional multiple pickup coils available. Hoffer HO series precision industrial turbine flowmeters offer high accuracy measurement in liquid and gas flow applications. The wide range of construction . For over forty years Hoffer Flow Controls has been designing and manufacturing quality turbine flow meters and related process instrumentation. TALON.

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Hoffer Flow Controls has been designing and manufacturing custom precision turbine flowmeters and related process instrumentation since Hoffer announces Flowmeters for F,ow Applications Customized HO Series turbine flowmeters can operate in depths of 20, ft or more, for applications involving BOPs, ROVs, subsea production systems, and other subsea flow applications.

Optionally available with multiple pickup coils for redundancy or bi-directional flow measurement.

To build a complete model number, fill out an application datasheet about your process, and let Lesman help you specify the right model for your application. Consult with the applications group at Hoffer for additional information. My Cart Books Online Training.

Save Supplier Add To Shortlist. April 28, – Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. Videos Lesman Instrument Company on YouTube Video is a great way to learn about instruments hofffr technology, and it’s available whenever you need it. Featuring a 6-digit rate display and separate 8-digit The HIT-4G is a compact digital gas flow computer with temperature, pressure and compressibility compensation.

Data Logging Rate Indicator includes 2 totalizers hfofer Modbus. These durable flowmeters provide extremely accurate flow rate measurement and dependable service hoffr required for custody transfer of liquid petroleum products. A complete line of flowmeter signal conditioners preamplifiers and flow computers are available. Hoffer Introduces Gas Turbine Flowmeters The Premier Gas Series of turbine flowmeters provides extremely accurate gas flow measurement at a cost less than typical mass or ultrasonic type flowmeters.

Hoffer Introduces Mini-Flowmeter Turbine Series The Hoffer Mini-Flowmeter Series handles low flow measurement for clean, low and moderate viscosity liquids and gases used commonly by industrial and laboratory users. CAT1 is an intelligent loop powered mA transmitter with linearization; CAT2 is a signal conditioner offering a variety of output options and High and Low flow rate alarms; and CAT3 is an intelligent signal conditioner with linearization and provides a pulse output scaled per unit of flow and optional High and Low flow rate alarms.


July 31, – Hoffer Hoffef Controls provides high accuracy flow measurement for a variety of applications within the power industry including fuel consumption, emissions minimization, balance of plant calculations and general fiscal measurement. Home Turbien Discovery Company Profile.

Hoffer Flow Control

Stay up to date on industry news and trends, product announcements and the latest innovations. Some industrial flow applications include fuel metering, well water, gasoline, etc. Elizabeth City, NC map. The current H helicopter fleet is slated to remain in service until mid-to-late March 2, – Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc.

Put us to the test, and find out how Hoffer turbine flowmeters can resolve your challenging subsea flow applications. This trio of microprocessor based devices is capable of providing signal conditioning and amplification, as well as [ Positive displacement flow meters for liquids.

Hoffer will supply turbine flowmeters used for critical cooling flow measurement systems for the new lead ship of the DDG class, the USS Zumwalt. Hoffer introduces STAR series of liquid flow meters Hoffer’s STAR Series liquid turbine flowmeters are available to measure liquid flow applications in 11 sizes and cover a flow range of.

Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc.

Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. Company News

News By Company, H-K. Contact Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. We can handle the unique and unusual. March 27, – Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. The Hoffer API Series turbine flowmeters provide extremely accurate custody transfer grade flow measurement in a bladed rotor design. Military including heavy lifting, transport of supplies, combat search, rescue missions and mine sweeping to clear vital shipping lanes.

You can choose an integrally mounted explosion-proof enclosure with terminal blocks or signal conditioners, or add a digital flow rate indicator and totalizer for local monitoring and display.

Several bearing types are available including hybrid ceramic ball bearings and [ The Hoffer mini-flowmeter handles low flow measurement for service on clean, low and moderate viscosity liquids used commonly by industrial and laboratory users.


Hoffer announces TriFlo data logger for wellheads TriFlo provides flexible flow measurement solutions for liquids such as produced water and hydrocarbon condensate.

Specifications, Manuals, and Supporting Literature Click the file icon to view the file online, or right-click on the file icon and select “Save Target As Hoffer’s STAR Series liquid turbine flowmeters are available to measure liquid flow applications metwr 11 sizes and cover a flow range of.

Hoffer Flow Controls Flow Meters

Call to talk to our factory-trained sales team. The unit provides local display and [ Call Mon-Fri 7: Built to your specifications, these meters can be custom designed to fit the customers existing A numeric keypad feature on the touch screen allows easy entry of data parameters and password encryption by authorized personnel.

With a vast selection of dependable, high quality, and cost effective flow measurement instruments available, Hoffer Flow Controls offers versatile measurement solutions across numerous markets and applications. Featuring a 6-digit rate display and separate 8-digit resettable and non-resettable flow This in turn prevents loss of product and, as a result, saves money and also prevents pollution to the environment.

This series is recommended for flow applications where high resolution pulse count is critical in order to achieve custody transfer grade accuracy. This approval puts the API Series in a class with only one other [ The ICE was designed with the operator in mind allowing direct access to all measurement and configuration parameters including four distinct modes of operation – Delivery, Maintenance, Turbine Calibration, and System Configuration.

With more than 40 years in the flowmeter business, we continue to set the standards for accuracy, reliability, durability, economy and integrity. A true industrial flowmeter, this product is constructed of stainless steel and NPT type end fittings.