Hogfather. Every secular Christmas tradition is included. But as this is the 21st Discworld novel, there are some unusual twists. It’s Hogswatch (equivalent to Christmas) on the Discworld and the Hogfather has gone missing, requiring Death to take his place while his granddaughter Susan. Hogfather (Discworld) [Terry Pratchett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Hogswatchnight yuletide season is disrupted by the evil.

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The reason for this is that Hogswatch night as is the case with Christmas in our world falls upon midwinter’s night. Based on the Terry Pratchett novel. This is the 20th Discworld novel so, technically, I’ve read this out of order I haven’t read 19 yet but it being Christmas made me and my fellow buddy-readers mix it up a little because it was too good hogfater opportunity to pass trry.

The first third of the book is incredibly funny. This is made difficult as she regularly needs to literally bash in the heads of the children’s monsters with a poker.


Usually I would start a series at the natural starting point, ferry beginning. This is a book about the nature of belief; the reminder that things we think of as essential, eternal, unbreakable are here because we willed them to be. Based on Terry Pratchett’s Novel. Bernard Pearson was involved with the ‘look’ of Ankh-Morpork. While all this is going on we haven’t even talked about the wizards and She’d never put a tooth under her pillow in the serious expectation that a dentally inclined fairy would turn up.

It rolled onward, gushing into the valleys and thundering up the slopes, unstoppable. Unfortunately, by giving a poor child an incredibly expensive gift upsets the balance pratchdtt. The reason I mention Hex is because I watched a video on Youtube once I can’t remember the details so I can’t link it about some guy Charles Babbage in the early part of the 19th Century developing a computer using gears.


I think I may have made a mistake by reading this book in small chunks instead of in large chunks.

Also, Pratchett touches on wealth distribution terrj in Hogfather because the Santa Claus-like character is giving out free presents but those presents have to come from somewhere. Audible Download Audio Books.

It’s almost 20 years since I read it the first time and I estimate that I’ve read about books in the interlude. But there is SO much in this story about belief, about the impact that belief has on children, about how the things we’re told as children – “don’t suck your thumb, or the Scissor Man will come and cut it off!

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If it’s all true you’ll go to a lovely place when you die, and if it isn’t then you’ve lost nothing, right? UK Border Force Vroom! Susan and Bilious travel to the Tooth Fairy’s realm and discover Mr. Retrieved — via Newspapers. She crouched back, raising her forearm to cover her eyes. Discworld Ankh-Morpork Other dimensions. Moreover, this had a peculiar seasonal feel to it what with all the magical beings coming into the world and us seeing our own traditions and customs through the distorted lens of this flat but oh-so-well-rounded world.

This is my second Pratchett book and I hope I find one that I end up loving. The interactions between Death and his granddaughter Susan are perfect.

Hogfather (Discworld, #20; Death, #4) by Terry Pratchett

She then manages to rescue the Hogfather who has reverted to his former self as a hog from Auditors who hound him in the form of attack dogs. By the end of the book it becomes quite evident that the role of the Hogfather is to make the sun come up in the morning. Here, she discovers the newly created Biliousthe “Oh God” of Hangovers, and brings him back to the Unseen University to be cured of his illness. Published October 2nd by Corgi first published Which villain would come out on top?

And of course there is peatchett Discworld itself, which is hogfathet one of the most fully realized examples of world-building in all of fantasy fiction. I My two cents: My first Discworld book, and admittedly it took a while to get used to his writing style, no chapters, and frequent movement from one storyline to another after brief passages.


This is an anagram of hogfatehr Death of Rats’ voice actor Michelle Dockery. Didn’t hook me on the series, but every fantasy reader pratcbett experience at least one Discworld book.

This is an artist’s impression: But belief Pratchett is concerned with is way more than that – it is what’s woven into the fabric of our existence ; without it, would we ever even have abstract concepts that define us – mercy, justice, compassion, friendship, love? Be forewarned, if British humor is not your thing, then you might want to skip this.

Such is the nature of Discworld. Hogfather has got all the classical elements of stories of woe and hardship appealing to our collective social conscience, it has charming wintry scenes, it has a fat man climbing down chimneys to deliver presents.

Book:Hogfather – Discworld & Terry Pratchett Wiki

I had forgotten the finesse of Pratchett at his finest. Retrieved from ” https: Good to know you can read this one out of order. The daft old wizards were funnier than I’d seen them be before; underling wizard Ponder and the thinking machine, Hex, are charming. Except, how do you kill a personified construct of human belief? Susan follows a trail through Ankh-Morpork and discovers that Violet Bottler, a human Tooth Fairyterrt missing while taking a tooth to a criminal Banjo Lilywhite one of Teatime’s assistants.

I was not disappointed with Hogfather.

Quoth the Raven voice Nicholas Tennant