Selling this Holfi Audis Integrated Amp, I’m rating it 8/10 due to age, still working but without box and manual. My price will be RM, location. Holfi Audis integrated amplifier (Cherry) | Sound & Vision, Home Audio & HiFi Separates, Amplifiers & Pre-Amps | eBay!. I bought the Holfi Integra after listening to several other amplifiers, both cheaper and more expensive than the Integra 8, including the “little brother”, the Audis.

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If You are looking for dynamic, powerful and natural sound, with lots of power more than it seemsYou could do worse than have a listen to these. Usually I hear the Motion 60’s on other amps Rotel, Qudis, Naim, Simaudio and I enjoy the 60’s more than the totems if we are speaker swapping. A fine sounding amp with bags of power.

Could be a tad bright and tiring in some systems and competition is tough. If I were the OP, I would consider changing out those speakers. Sun Feb 28, 4: My speakers, Eltek’s Dynabel Euforia Norwegian Enthuiast Companylinked with Goertz MI2 cables, has never any lack of power with this amplifier, and it seems to get a perfect partner.


Holfi Integra 8 Integrated Amplifiers

Attractive integrated that offers a glimpse of real high-end performance. A characteristically competent and musical integrated. Audiophilia at a sensible price, with a large, generous sound that’s cohesive and controlled.

This is a sweet amp and a keeper. They still sounded good but usually they are heads and shoulders above the rest.

The CA sounds more open and clean but also a bit lean. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Roksan amp but I ‘m going out on a limb by saying they are ugly, ugly ugly.

A touch bass light, though. Not the audiophile number one, but a fine real world budget product nontheless.

Help using integrated amp as power amp!

I think this is really important. May not suit those with ‘heavier’ tastes though.

For the first time the Martin Logan’s were almost the worst of the bunch. Dual mono construction gives strong stereo separation. Very transparent and coherent sound with great sound staging and detail. Back to home page.

Sorry I should have chosen my words better. Audsi want to add the word ‘experience’ in that “opinions on forums” sentence, as the words “experiences and opinions from people on forums” would be more appropriate.

  IC 7500B PDF

Another stormer from Unison Research – big, beguiling, punchy sound and great build and style make it a true audio bargain! Whether you go for plain or pukka Puccini, the results are fast enjoyable and detailed.

Good imaging but smallish soundstage. Perhaps a bit too up-front. Good value with plenty of excitement. And it ain’t about the sound.

Holfi Audis – Review

No tone audi or remote. Hey Smitty, Keep your eye on the used market here and you might find a dealer demo Unico Primo like I did for a very reasonable price. Nov 18 In the future I’ll be repurchasing that combo again. Mellifluous single ended valve integrated with meticulous manners. Ship in original box with mains cable.

Beautiful looking, sweet and confident sounding, the Rosette 1 is a cracking modern solid state amp. A very good all-rounder with super-clean sound.