That Tony Kushner’s new play, “Homebody/Kabul,” which is set in London and Kabul and takes place mostly in , shortly before and shortly. Most American dramatists look inwards. Tony Kushner has always gazed outwards. And not the least remarkable fact about Homebody/Kabul. In Homebody/Kabul, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Tony Kushner, author of Angels in America, has turned his penetrating gaze to the arena of global politics .

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It represents an impressive piece of scholarship and synthesis, and is always engrossing on an intellectual level, even if one may argue with some of its implicit points. Or is is looking at dysfunctional family dynamics through homeboxy lens of geopolitical analysis? This is no AIA, but it is smart, conscientious, political, and eerily prophetic.

I would not have picked it off the shelf as something to read, but I am glad my professor picked it out for me. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. The rhapsodic, virtuosic monologue comprising Act 1, Scene 1 is about as well-woven a piece of scenework as I’ve ever read, and I am grateful that Kushner chose to extend the piece beyond A wordy, brainy, mysterious and heartfelt play that looks at the sociopolitical tensions of colonization and exoticization through the lens of family dysfunction.

Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. That suffering becomes abundantly clear when Priscilla encounters Mahala, wife to the man the Homebody may be marrying, who wants to leave her husband and country for London.

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He is the subject of a documentary film, Wrestling with Angels: Apr 30, Caitlin Mininger rated it liked it Shelves: Juliet Wittman March 22, 4: Set up a giveaway. It consists of a lengthy monologue, breathtakingly delivered by Kika Markham, in which a London homebody reveals her insatiable curiosity about history in general and Kabul in particular. Play Description In the second part of Tony Kushner’s epic, the plague of AIDS worsens, relationships fall apart as new ones form, and unexpected friendships take form.

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One person found this helpful. Jul 09, Jeff Phillips rated it it was amazing. Jessica Robblee is a talented actress, but she has inexplicably chosen to make this girl, unpleasant as written, even more unpleasant to watch, with a twitchy, too-fast, one-note performance — except that at the very end, she shows some emotional colors I’d like to have seen far sooner.

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My favorite parts about the story was how juicy it was. The Kabul we see here is a place of great history and great cruelty, where Eastern and Western characters alike search for redemption in God or heroin or other people. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Kushner not only offers us a portrait of a gentle-spirited, factually voracious, syntactically eccentric woman who claims “I love, love the world”, he also establishes his main theme which is that Afghanistan has always been a vital intersection at the mercy of history, geography and spiritual absolutists.

Directed by Declan Donnellan. The Homebody’s husband and daughter go to Afghanistan to find her, and now the focus is less on the country itself than on the haplessness of Westerners in a Middle East they have no real tools for understanding, despite England’s colonial role. Would love to see this performed, can see it be a challenging one for actors to handle the language effectively, which would be quite engaging if done well.

She’s an entirely original creation, this Homebody, self-absorbed but also insecure, questing and gentle, simultaneously unhappy and in love with the world, obsessed with words, which she sometimes uses wrongly and sometimes with new and startling accuracy — language being another of Kushner’s major themes.

Like the other Tony Kushner plays I’ve experienced on the page or stage, it’s disrupted me. In particular Homebody’s husband, Milton, is given short shrift, but I’m told Maggie Gyllenhaal, in the role of Prisc Act 1, Scene 1 is an undeniable masterpiece.

People are repressed, their emotional lives suppressed because of all these missed connections and arcane laws.

Do I keep everything as it is?

Jan 23, Dimps rated it it was amazing Shelves: Don’t have an account yet? Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.


The acting triumph of the evening be longs to Kika Markham who for more than an hour keeps us riveted with a strange, rambling, word-mangling woman’s belief in the overwhelming power of history.

Play Description In October a truck filled with explosives blew up in a Marine barracks in Beirut, killing soldiers. And running through the play is the idea that every creed and faith, from communism to Islam, wants to dominate Afghanistan but that in the end it eludes even its conquerors.

And I really loved Quango. Jul 12, srutherford81 rated it it was amazing. With Priscilla and Milton to come home to, I might don a burqa and get lost, too. All-access pass to the top stories, events and offers around town. He started off sympathetic, and then turned quirky, and then we started to see his layers. The cultural artifact of the moment.

A woman more in love with her inner, intellectual life and books than reality or her own family steals away to Afghanistan. He warned of the consequences of our involvement with the Taliban, and we are living those consequences to this day.

Its text makes one step aside and bow down, as a reader, a writer, an observer of human history. I almost said “This is ridiculous” and put it way. And I’m a Kushner fan. And then the political stuff gets interwoven into Priscilla’s story.

Winston Duke has had quite a year. Meditations on the fractious, painful history of Afghanistan have been filling the pages of newspapers and magazines ever since Sept.

What happens when news becomes entertainment and politics become a performance? I’m hoping that what’s on the page in her case can be overcome by a great actor. I adore Kushner, of course I don’t -like- all of Angels in America; similar to ‘Fisher King’, it’s not really something I could -like- but I greatly appreciate them both.