7 Jul –Homer Kelley’s The Golfing Machine. Imagine a world of golf instruction devoid of personalities, videos, CD-ROMs, magazines, websites and. 12 Aug As I’ve maturate through this game for life, I, like most golfers, have worked hard to improve my golf game. Just like many of you, I’ve taken. 31 Oct If you have clicked on this post, you are either in great pain from attempting to read Homer Kelley’s book, or you are about to be in great pain.

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The most trusted voice in sports delivered straight to your inbox. Think of the overswing and how hard it is to get out of — why? Success Thank you for signing up! She served as publisher, publicist, machin, website editor and manager of a worldwide network of The Golfing Machine-certified pros.

The Golfing Machine: Homer Kelley’s quotes explained – GolfWRX

In this post, I intend to clear some of the misunderstandings related to The Golfing Machine, answer some common questions, and provide additional resources to those who would like to take their education further by reading this beast on their own! Imagine a world of golf instruction devoid of personalities, videos, Kelldy, magazines, websites and infomercials. Change the factors yomer are easily controlled to fit machibe that are difficult to change.

During his first conversation with Doyle, Kelley said he hadn’t solicited advice from anyone else. I should have stuck with what got me to the top. Thank go,fing for the reply. Billy Jun 22, at 9: Additionally, once you know which type of golfer you are, you can then pair this with backswing types and release actions.

Khoa Tran rated it it was amazing Aug 19, That obsession began in when, only six months after taking up the game, he shot a four-over-par 76 at a 6,yard course in Tacoma. Written by the late Homer Kelley, The Golfing Machine became a seminal tome among golf cognoscenti inwhen Kelley self-published the first of its six editions and created a program that trains, tests and certifies teachers in the principles put forward in its pages.


As it is a book primarily targeted at expert golf instructors, it is expected that regular golfers would consult an AI rather than study glofing book.

Jack Aug 21, at 3: Sign fhe now to receive Sports Illustrated’s best content, special offers and much more. Years of overanalysis led to swing paralysis, and Clampett never regained his form.

Wade rated it it was amazing Dec 21, I hope this article has shed some light on what you do and how you go about changing your swing. There are some flaws that require constant touch ups to overcome for good, and it is these times that students must be patient and understand that we as teachers are doing all we can to help them improve as quickly as possible.

Elkington says the book “takes the ‘feels like’ things and explains them. Salva rated it it was amazing Dec 05, He’s so into The Mschine Machine that he often practices without hitting a single ball, a regimen that is not prescribed by Kelley but one that Elkington devised himself. The Golfing Machine is the Holy Grail. His followers became a very devoted group. You currently have no favorite writers. July 6, Buy the Cover Browse the Magazine.

He led seminars at PGA sections around the country, gave private lessons and wrote newspaper and magazine articles. So why in ’98, a year after winning the Players Championship and finishing eighth on the money list, did he decide to make changes in his swing based on what he had read in The Golfing Machine?

Kelley was not a competitive golfer or even a teacher until later in life, but his book showed us how science could be applied to golf.

Dana rated it liked it May 26, I also tell my students that their scores and consistency will be totally correlated to the amount of play and practice they do. Below is just a sample page which shows just how complicated the reading is, and how many cross-references to other parts of the book you will be dealing with while reading it:.


The essentials are a stationary head, balance and rhythm; the imperatives are a flat left wrist, a clubhead lag pressure point and a keoley plane line. I think of the parable of the blind men examining an elephant.

The Golfing Machine Explained

Von Boss Aug 14, at 2: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. There is holfing one way to swing a club, but each person has THEIR own best way to move their body and club throughout the swing. He discusses how golf should be mastered step by step, and without a clear understanding of each step, a golfer will be plagued by frustration forever. While he was sitting behind the pro-shop counter, a short, skinny man wearing a fedora, a suit and tie, and a trench coat entered the shop.

In the text, he specifically mentions that he aims not to repeat information, and therefore cross-references abundantly throughout the machune. Get creative and experiment with different combinations on your own! That knowledge is the ultimate power.

He hung out with the local tennis pros and over the years became very proficient with the game. Ninety-nine percent of the time when an untrained teacher or one of your playing partners tells you to work on something in your swing it is to correct the effect of a prior cause.

Start with the swings in photos. No team results found. The second thing that I recommend doing is working on all three hinge actions vertical, angled, horizontaland teaching your body the differences between them.