Complete summary of Honoré Balzac’s Sarrasine. novella begins, the narrator is attending an evening reception given by Count and Countess de Lanty. Sarrasine The narrator is out of sight in a window seat at a ball. As he contemplates the garden he hears bits and pieces of various. Honoré de Balzac (–) may be best known as a novelist, yet he was also a prolific and skilled writer of short stories and novellas.

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Sarrasine – Wikipedia

His descriptions are splendid and the story was interesting although at first I wasn’t following and felt a bit lost When the narrator started telling the story of Sarrasine he got me. Though Realism in literature was usually used for portraying the activities of middle and lower-class people, it was sometimes used in situations like this, and indeed often focused on characters and situations that might otherwise be socially marginalized.

While the story had drama, it seemed puzzling and a bit unpleasant to me.

La raison lui revint. Homme ou femme, je te tuerais! Notify me of new comments via email. Return to Book Page.

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Espaces de noms Texte Discussion. To ask other readers questions about Sarrasineplease sign up. Chacun en surveillait les moindres mouvements. There he entered the Argentina Theatre and met Zambinella, an Opera singer.

Yes, more love and more obsession and that kind of stuff. The story deals with homosexuality, a common theme in Balzac’s Human Comedy, and also with lust and obsession, as well as castration. He falls in love with her, going to all of her performances and creating a clay mold of her. Sarrasine recruits some friends for a coup de main after the entertainment. Louis Lambert was that way for me.


And scads of pot-boilers early in his career, most of which may not have ever been translated into English. You can take a look at Wikipedia if you are curious. His willful nature caused trouble throughout his life, and frustrated his ambitions to succeed in the world of business.

It’s completely sumptuous and an I just finished this in French and it may now be in my top Views Read Edit View history. Enchanted by her lovely voice, he cannot help but to try to meet her. Mais non, tu vivras.

All are fluent in five languages. By doing this, he is developing character and tension by giving the reader just enough information to make an assumption and to keep them interested. The artist could not stop admiring the inimitable elegance with which the arms were attached to the bust, the magnificent curve of the next, the gracefully drawn lines of the eyebrows, of the nose, and then the perfect oval of the fact, the purity of its clear outline, and the effect of the thick curved eyelashes, which ended in large voluptuous eyelids.

It is the mid-eighteenth century. A gender-bending Gallic treat. He is also described as a walking image of Antinous. It was I, monsieur, who endowed Zambinella with his voice.

Sarrasine by Honoré de Balzac

Oscuro, inusuale e difficile da comprendere: The narrator then reveals that the old man around the household is Zambinella, Marianina’s dee great uncle. The guest asks to be told the story of this man. Madame Rochefide – A delicate woman of great ohnor whom the narrator invited to Monsieur de Lanty’s ball.


As the singer looks at Sarrasine his voice falters and he trembles. Left me with that empty feeling that very truthful writing often does.

homor You were probably too busy around then to be able to participate. From the beginning, Balzac plays the reader as Sarrasine is played, setting up a theme of flirty, desirable women and gruff This feverish novelette about artistic creation and sexual identity is, perhaps, best introduced as being a kind of Bourbon-Restoration The Crying Game. Sarrasine is convinced that La Zambinella is the ideal woman.

Sarrasine by Honoré de Balzac

Balzac suffered from health problems throughout his life, possibly due to his intense writing schedule. Around the time in which Sarrasine was published, Balzac experienced great success with another work, La Bapzac de Chagrin Also, Sarrasine and Zambinella reminded me of Casanova’s fling with Bellino.

And the objectification inherent in physical attraction is very much the point here, linked as it is to the process of art.