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Menuetto Kids – Hhora Music for Children. This suggestion shortcuts past the discussion that Isaac Stern has offered sorry to bring him again about the thumb working up into the stick.

Posted August 21, I can tell you stafcato i fear so many factors, that i resist any string crossing down that descending line. Sometimes this sort of approach becomes more of a flying spiccato and goes a bit off the string, more than an actual “staccato” which supposedly doesn’t leave the string but rather starts and stops. Hardly a player in any orchestra will criticize a 9 year old playing Mozart’s 3rd, but as for the yora players, they can savage a middle-aged player.

And it’s the best of what the composer might have intended for that night, with that instrument, in that particular hall. Baiorin, We are really splitting hairs – it is just a game of semantics. Hardly an artist gets out of Carnegie without at least one encore.

Glenn, Thanks for you very kind comments. Or the other technique to consider is to change the contact point, which can give more a “fast-twitch” feel. I syaccato your posts by the way Even in an ‘authentic’peformance – and boy is there a discussion to have hlra on the meaning of that, the motivation of the performer is to play for others, to share, and in that sense to ‘show off”.


Already have an account? I certainly enjoy watching them show off, in the same way I enjoy watching other types of performers acrobats, jugglers, professional football players do things that I can only dream of doing. I could do this during public broadcasting pledge nights – Saw Ms Orman at a violin master class once.

To get people to come to concerts and buy records by providing a stsccato factor. Here the prototypical Romanian scale is used, with its raised second and fourth scale degrees, and lowered seventh.

Hora staccato

Not professional ones, but ones who for the sake of conversation will think of something to say. For some talented individuals, 10k is too darn long.

But dropping the bow in the hand, just enough to give it more vertical freedom, will probably help diagnose more problems and offer solutions over time. Don’t put too much stock in the DR in DR. Some have suggest that re-establishing the location of the thumb really, where the stick contacts the thumb can also provide better stability.

The Golden Age of the Cornet. Again, it’s too complex to discuss deformation and elasticity here, but a metaphor is being offered.

The pointer finger, depending on the angle at the wrist and this implies timing if the wrist is flexible, as it should becan apply undo pressure at a non-desired angle, making the bow hop slightly off-course. Isaac Stern Presents Encores. Masters of the Bow. You’re comments – agreed upon. It is very frustrating.

A Life in Music, Box 4. I agree with you at multiple levels, because it certainly can be great fun. German Brass Around the World, Vol.

I’m hoping that whatever i contribute offers some insight into producing better set ups stsccato playability for players. Posted August 24, Even the most musical of sonatas and concertos still involve showing off, playing a solo involves showing off. If violun all possible, imagine instead an assistant lifting the arm for you with a gentle lift of a hand or with a string wrapped around arm.


AllMusic Featured Composition Noteworthy.

That elongation is really necessary for me to sync up with any accompaniment. Staccatp let artist after artist come through here and will not provide that one last curtain call to secure an encore – the frosting on the cake of having such artists on stage, and after a meaningful performance there’s no harm in asking them to juggle a little bitand it seems the more depth of the performance and the music, the shorter the applause lasts.

Although it looks smooth, if you were to roll up his sleeve you would see a tensed forearm. Musical Mementos of Jascha Heifetz.

I may get bored violi stop before achieving proficiency, but for now, I’m giving it a shot.

Hora staccato – Wikipedia

This is not a negative thing unless is it uncontrolled or abused which in the latter example it certainly is very frequently. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. This feedback in the hand, and the brain panicking, can make things worse. Jascha Heifetz Collection Volume 1. And i don’t want to contradict what your comments, but truly, many of these players aren’t showing off.

The Dr in Dr S. I find it entertaining, motivating. But then since darn Heifetz did it Staccato, it kinda seems like cheating to do it spiccato.