View and Download HP A calibration manual online. Synthesizer/Function Synthesizer HP A Operating And Service Manual. Frequency ( pages) . The Operating and Service Manual contains inforĀ¬ mation required to install, operate, test, adjust, and servĀ¬ ice the Hewlett-Packard Model A. Find great deals for HP a Function Generator Operating and Service Manual . Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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The preceding range of instruments contain the VCO circuitry shown in Figurebut 332a not have R Change the power supply output to the following voltages and repeat Steps j through m for each. Output amplitude is 1 mV to 10 V peak-to- peak.

Press the key in the lower right corner of the A front panel to select the High Voltage output. TB Test instrument parameters Amplitude accuracy with offset attenuation range 1 into 50 load Attenuator accuracy these errors are additive with the amplitude accuracy servife Amplitude output Amplitude option high voltage output Dc offset Dc offset option Dc plus ac Not verified below 50 Hz.

Repeat mankal d and g. Operational Verification includes the following procedures: This test uses the control, ROM, and control clock circuits to perform the following checks: Delay Percent of Ramp.

Repeat for neg ramp by changing CRO trigger to pos. Connect the A output to an oscilloscope -hp- A with a 2, pF load load attached at either end. This 335a can be used to determine when the A has finished processing.


Use a strong shipping container, A doublewall carton made of pound test material is adequate.

Full text of “HP A Synthesizer/Function Generator Operating and Service Manual”

The following options extend the frequency stability and output amplitude capabilities of the Model Option High Stability Frequency Reference Option High Voltage Output The following options indicate the line voltage to which the instrument was set at the factory: Basic Device Communication Capability.

Attenuation and Voltage Ranges. TB 4 Enter Sine and Square Wave: Factor Peak-to-Peak Amplitude hanges: There have been no design or component layout changes to the HP-1B section of the Manusl assembly. Set the A to 10MHz. The message will terminate all bus communications but does not implement the clear message. 3325w your oscilloscope does not have a ohm input, use a ohm load -hp- Model C ho Feedthru Termination at the input.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. A Performance Test Record is located at the end of this section.

HP 3325A Calibration Manual

The power cable must either be plugged maanual an approved three-contact electrical outlet or used with a three-contact to two-contact adapter with the grounding wire green firmly connected to an electrical ground safety ground at the power outlet. The preceding range of instruments contain the VCO servife shown in Figure In instruments with High Voltage Output Optionthis key switches from norma to high voltage output, and the annunciator indicates when the high voltage output is on.

Connect a dc digital voltmeter to A rear panel X Drive output. Power consumption is VA maximum. Repeat steps pp and qq for 10 Vpp. A23 A7 Board Revisions.


Program data contains an error. Typical manufacturer of the part is a five-digit code. Connect the A signal output to the oscilloscope vertical input.

Make the following A keyboard selections: The specification in Table is: The sweep increment is in. Verify that all readings are within 6.

However, if one srvice to modify the newer board to use the older connectors and cablesW36 is required. If the A6 board in the above instruments is replaced, the connectors on the older destination assemblies A3, A14 4A21 l will have to be changed also.

You can help improve this publication. Adjust Offset In A3R33 for a voltmeter reading of 0.

The voltmeter readings should be within the tolerances shown. Connecting Oven Option Simplified Illustration of Triangle The first SS sets the output and display to the start frequency, and the second SS manuxl the sweep. Record the voltmeter reading in the 3 V sine wave 1 kHz reference space on the performance test record. In the Operating and Service Manual two sets of procedures are provided: R was also added.

Amplitude Control Circuitry Serial Bits 3 through 0 in the status byte can be masked so that the corresponding conditions will not cause a service request.

Universal and Addressed Commands