Commentary on automatic bank switching (48GX cards) versus manual bank . posting information for 48 along with source code for SHIP. Description: Complete copy of the eighth edition of the 48G series instruction manual. This PDF document has pages and was scanned by me at dpi. The AUR is just what it’s name tells you it is: it’s a reference manual for the HP48 G Series. It has the same outside appearance as the HP48 G Series User Guide .

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The set of “average users” probably consists mostly of people that simply never program their HP48 in any way “Wow, can it do that too?!

HP 48g Graphing Calculator User Guides | HP® Customer Support

Please return to the product information page and verify the numbers provided or try again later. Explanation of why there are ROM revision letters and why there is no F despite evidence to the contrary. Choose manua, different product series. Complete copy of the eighth edition of the 48G series instruction manual.

Newsletter for educators about HP calculators from September, Contains information about how the checksums for objects are determined and gives two C routines to calculate them. You should be able to buy or order it from the same shop where you purchased your calculator. Gives information about doing a few things on the calculators, including evaluation of polynomials, and corrections to the official manuals.

Which flags the command is affected by.

This issue covers the Xpander, factoring on the 39G, sequences on the 30S, derivatives on the 49G, and general HP calculator information. A page user community analysis suggesting a possible marketing plan for HP.


By Johan Thornton and Preston Brown and others. It provides how to program and use your calculator for Newton’s Method.

The AUR contains about pages of useful information about your calculator. Detailed mold design to manufacture a plug for an RS cable for the PC to calculator serial interface. In Adobe PDF format.

HP 48g Graphing Calculator User Guides

Newsletter for educators about HP calculators from August, Any warranty support needed would be completed by the reseller that sold the product. Listing of the numbers of library ID’s of all easily-identifiable libraries for the HP 48 that are contained on this web site. The sheet is color coded based on the model for easy reading.

Lists the key assignments on the 48S series that are useless at certain times and thus ready to be reassigned. Please use the product number and serial numbers of the new product to validate warranty status. By Tony Duell and Uwe Ziegenhagen and others. Copyright Hewlett Packard, distributed with permission.

A high-level overview comparing the functionality of the high-end calculators introduced by HP in the th decade AD — mxnual 75, the 71, the 28, the 42S, and the 48SX. This chapter lists all the commands that are new to the HP48 G Series, with a brief description of what the commands do. This product was sold by a reseller. Product sold by third party: Instructions explaining how to make an IR transceiver performing signaling format conversion between the Hewlett-Packard proprietary IR format used on the HP 48, and the standard RS signaling used on any serial manuwl.


A little out of date now and only here for historical reasons, but it contains posting information for comp.

Lists some things that use up more battery power. Horn and Ray Depew and others. The serial number provided does not match the previously selected product. Explains that it’s not a bug, but rather a limitation, that you cannot use exponents on units higher than Como fazer o cabo 1.

A command comparison sheet of HP symbolic RPN calculators, containing a mahual of every command. Identifies a bug in the GX where the RCL command does not work properly when given a high port 2 or higher and a path to a variable.

Review: HP 48G Series Advanced User’s Reference Manual

The HP part number is Also includes photos and a screenshot of one possible PCB layout. Would you like to view the product details page for the new product? By Hewlett-Packard and Eric Rechlin. This process can take several minutes depending on the number of warranties being checked. Often a command has one or more example programs too. The table contains the number followed by a description of its use and the results you get when the flag is set or clear. The comments on any given topic are not exhaustive, but are quick summaries of operational differences.

This information is provided to help you conserve battery life.

This file is more comprehensive than the above file, and is in HTML format.

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