Barcode Scanner scans product IDs directly into ColorFlex® EZ. HunterLab’s next generation ColorFlex® EZ spectrophotometer takes color quality control to. HunterLab Bench top Colour Measurement | HunterLab ColorFlex EZ – Free Instrument Demo. HunterLab’s next generation Color Flex EZ spectrophotometer takes color quality control to its highest level with 45/0 design for the ultimate in color.

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Unpack all cartons and remove wrappings and cable hunteglab. That means you see your colors exactly the way your customers do giving you unsurpassed confidence and trust in your outcomes Product Overview ColorFlex EZ Manufacturer HunterLab. Year of Establishment Biennial Stakeholder Forum Complete the form and a supplier representative will be in touch. Greater than 1 second from button push to measurement, 2 seconds from button push to data display.

HunterLab ColorFlex 13-1 User Manual

Honeywell Turboshield face shield range The Honeywell Turboshield face shield range provides comfort for longer wear, easy visor exchange Maintenance This section outlines the parts of the sensor you must maintain in order for the instrument to function properly.

The software provides virtually unlimited storage of standards and sample data, a flexible graphical user interface and more output options including colour printing and export to Microsoft Office programs. The Jet System 4 is an intelligently automated conveyor belt cleaning system that removes debris Nature of Business Manufacturer.

The Read lightning bolt button on the keypad, also known as the “Sensor button,” can be used to. Before connecting the communication cable to the instrument serial port, apply power to the instrument and the host computer.

HunterLab Benchtop Spectrophotometers – ColorFlex EZ Coffee

The ColorFlex device offers rapid and non-destructive colour assessment, removing the need for sorting and associated visual inspection imprecision. Specifically built to meet and exceed your needs in measuring the color of roasted coffee grounds. Other features include sampling versatility and expanded data storage; set-ups and samples through onboard software. Contact HunterLab Customer Support as described on page if the instrument fails the repeatability test.


Nature of Business Manufacturer. cllorflex

HUNTERLAB ColorFlex – Doğa Limited

Coffee color scales provided in firmware include: In addition, the RS- cable may also be used to connect the ColorFlex with an optional bar code scanner. Digital Spectrophotometer in Navi Mumbai.

Add to my manuals Add. Lacking universal grading standards, specialty coffee roasters often perform their own quality assessments, relying on time-consuming manual inspection. Performance specifications are subject to change without notice.

The most recent addition to the ColorFlex EZ family of products, the ColorFlex EZ Coffee is specifically built to meet and exceed your needs in measuring the color of roasted coffee grounds. How to kill pathogens on seafood Open your mind to packaging innovations Brewery finds itself ahead of user requests Flour dust goes to court — and loses How essential is shelf stacking?

The instrument serial port ground connection is referenced to the instrument’s internal frame and safety ground. Page 10 Calculations hungerlab the citrus scales are given in Appendix A. To use the orange juice tube holder, fill the 1-inch glass tube with orange juice and insert the tube into the tube holder from the top.

The spectrophotometer combines versatility, flexibility, simplicity and performance in one easy-to-use instrument. Page of 24 Go.

Use of this equipment in a manner not specified by the manufacturer may. Page 23 Color Measurement Notes The ColorFlex spectrocolorimeter is a versatile color measurement hunteerlab that can be used on products of virtually any size, in industries as diverse as paint and textiles. That means you see your colors exactly the way your customers do giving you unsurpassed confidence and trust in your outcomes.


Call Send a quick message. When the datalog is printed to a serial printer, the bar code ID appears with each reading. HunterLab ColorFlex coffee spectrophotometer. Inspect for damage and notify the carrier and HunterLab immediately if any is discovered. Innovating our colortlex through the healthcare data tsunami Innovative enclosed blood collection system New discovery on how baby’s sex determined Stethoscopes loaded with bacteria Third Atlas to drive healthcare improvements.

These results can be stored and used to establish standards, tolerances, comparison of batch to standard and variations batch hunrerlab batch, for each species and geographical origin of the beans and their blends.

Page 9 opaque cover.

Standardizing the ColorFlex using the white tile Standardization can be done through the software or directly through the ColorFlex firmware. A printer may also be used with the system. That means you see your colors exactly the way your customers do give you unsurpassed confidence and trust in your outcomes.

I agree to the terms and privacy policy. The versatile, compact instrument measures the colour and appearance of any opaque or translucent material in virtually every situation; solids, liquids, powders, granules and pellets, whether in the laboratory or on the production shop floor.

Several baud rates are available with ColorFlex. Novasys Group Pty Ltd. The ColorFlex system consists of a ColorFlex optical sensor and an IBM-compatible cooorflex composed of the system unit, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. The bar code reader, cable, and AC power supply may be purchased as optional equipment from HunterLab.