HYGIENE PASSPORT / HYGIENIAPASSI IN ENGLISH. Study and practice online for the hygiene proficiency examination and the hygiene passport. Johanna Mappes · @JohannaMappes. Professor of evolutionary ecology @ Jyväskylä, Finland. animal coloration, (tiger)moths and some (science) politics. ?language_id=1. Lue lisätietoja hygieniapassista ja hygieniapassitestistä.

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There is no time limit for special situation tests eg. Own-check practices at food premises.

Ikärajapassi testi netissä

Once one passes the hygiene proficiency test, he or she will get a temporary certificate via email. Employees must have a Hygiene Passport if they handle unpackaged easily perishable foods at their workplace. Photocopies of ID cards, passports or other documents. Finnish Food Legislation and Authorities. Any form of identification on which it is easy to change the photo or is missing a name or a social security number. For example cafeterias, restaurants, institutional kitchens, fast-food restaurants, food stores, and many factories manufacturing food are places where employees are required to have hygiene passports.



An identification with a picture approved by an official police including an official identification cardpassport and driving licence a moped licence is also acceptable.

Using an interpreter, taking a spoken test or a test in other language than Finnish, Swedish or English or other special arrangements are possible only in a special situation test. Special arrangements have to be agreed on beforehand with the instructor.

English, other translated languages or dictionary tests. The hygiene proficiency test consist of the following areas: One can get a Hygiene Passport by completing a hygiene proficiency test. Please note that the instructor will check your identification in conjunction with the test.

Choose the best test place and time from the test listing and register. Stamped document that proves that the passport is in custody of an authority. One may leave the testing premises 20 minutes after the test has started, as soon as the examiner gives permission to leave. Expired driving licence, passport or ID card.

Please note that one can not prove their identity with for example. The statements involve various sections of food hygieniwpassi. You can also order written material and training time on the Trainify.


käytettyjä perämoottoreita tampere Study Guide 2017-2018

A copy of the passport has to be attached. Etusivu Hygiene passport Hygieniapassi englanti. Residency card without passport. It is required that one must acquire a hygiene passport within three months of commencing work. Hygiene Passports issued in other countries are not valid in Finland.


Acceptable forms of identification are: The official Hygiene Passport will be mailed within weeks of the test date. On this webpage you can register for hygiene proficiency tests and trainings. Please bring an official valid identification with you. These three months are retroactively calculated to also include such prior work in the food business in which a hygiene passport is required.

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