25 Apr Download Hyper Estraier for free. Hyper Estraier is a full-text search system. It works as with Google, but based on peer-to-peer architecture. 15 Jul Hyper Estraier is a very powerful full text search engine written in C, after i make some comparison between different kind of full text search. Hyper Estraier. a full-text search system for communities. Powered by Hyper Estraier , with documents and words.

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So, you can install some sets of search scripts in one directory. If you want to search for documents including ” AND “, specify ” and ” instead. Attributes are used for such various purposes as search with attributes and determination of difference updating.

A hypef of the number type is converted into the number and calculated according to the following formats. Though it is okay to delete the index and remake it, incremental registration is useful.

Wild card is also supported. The template file is to determine appearance of the page. How hypet use is described on the page.

Introduction of Hyper Estraier Version 1

Again, configure PATH with the control panel. The former is used in order to administrate the index by command line interface.


By default, usage of the CGI script is described there.

Though format of document draft is similar to RFC, detail points differ. The data type is not determined when registration. Union form specifies only union conditions by tokens.

You should add the directory where you installed Hyper Estraier. No augments are required. estraiee

Data of the string type are arbitrary strings. If both are specified at the same time, documents corresponding to the both are searched for.

Hyper Estraier is a search engine which can handle massive files. You should add “c: Estrier configuration file is composed of lines and the name of an variable and the value separated by “: Hyper Estraier can be used on Unix, Mac and Windows. You can specify the order of the result by an expression.

No installation command is provided for Windows. The score is calculated by the number of specified words in each document. As for a binary esfraier, see its installation manual.

The following is an example data to handle a MIDI document.

The delimiter for headers is not “: The encoding of the value of each attribute is normalized eshraier UTF It can be used for forward match search and backward match search.

A hidden text is the same as normal text except not displayed in the snippet of the result. It does not collaborate with OSes, indexes are not automatically created. Since we can make one index for all e-mail messages, we are able to find target messages out of all.


How to install Hyper Estraier in Linux

Language Limitations We believe none but have tested only for English and Japanese. Detail information of the command and the CGI script is described in the user’s guide. Change ” UTF-8 ” to the encoding name of the page. A document of plain-text is composed of strings with no structure. Attributes and the body text of a document should be expressed in UTF-8 encoding. The language name specified by -il option should be one of ” en ” English” ja ” Japanese” zh ” Chinese” ko ” Korean.

QDBM is not necessary. It is possible to handle various formats in the integrative way by using document draft as intermediate format. It is useful to search with some attributes. By default, the order of the result is descending by score.