Note: You cannot delete an entity if the selected object is part of a construction history. If you press Delete, the entire object is canceled. If the object is not a part . Navigation: HyperWorks Release Notes > Finite Element Meshing and Modeling >. HyperMesh Release Notes. Previous page Next page Print this . HyperWorks includes a new tool, ANSYS Contact Manager, which provides an option to automatically create surface-to-surface contacts. Several changes.

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Generic shape for model type constraints such as length, volume, angle, and radius can be automatically generated. Improved feature capture – preserve rounded bead midline. Fix Sliver Tetra Elements is a new tool that fixes all sliver and wedge elements based on a pre-defined 3D mesh criteria. Focusing on engineering productivity, HyperMesh is the user-preferred environment for all CAE modeling tasks ranging from geometry clean-up to high-quality automeshing and analysis set-up.

If you would like to revert to the old behavior just tying to the top and bottom rings you can edit the hm. Major benefits of the block format are:. Finding entities and their related properties via graphic selection is very quick and efficient allowing for further editing and querying control of entities. The ability to apply translate, position, and reflect shapes to selected nodes has been added.

In addition to components, elements, nodes, and tags, assemblies are now supported as link entities for connector realizations. New mesh flow functionality has been added to the batchmesher, the flow: A search for the property script now occurs in the directory from which the feconfig. Several new line projection options for map-to-sections and line difference have been added.


OSSmooth has been updated to support two-layer auto-bead generation. Major benefits of the block format are: You can use options notds as color by properties. Different formula options can still be used to create node and element sets.

Issues related to mass calculations in summary templates for BEAMS and composites have been corrected. The hypermeah layer thickness of the resulting mesh is closer to the user-defined target than in previous releases. Easy to use drag-and-drop functionality allows for very quick optimization problem setup by moving the optimization definitions from the optimization repository to the optimization problem definition. The performance of solid geometry import for the CAD readers that import solid entities has been improved.

Individual entities are organized into the relevant components, with the components being organized into relevant assemblies. Handle locations can be interactively manipulated along the morph volume edges morph panel.

HyperWorks Product Updates

Shrink wrap meshing now includes an option to enable solid mesh generation. You can now turn off and on morphing of connectors outside domains. The performance for ShrinkWrap has also improved. Support for UG NX6. Result types such as magnetic field intensity, magnetic flux, magnetic vector potential, current densities, and magnetic forces are now supported.

Tetramesh Process Manager Template is a new process based tool to enable users to tetramesh models in a reduced timeframe. All issues related to this have been corrected. This provides better control of midsurface extraction for these types of connections.

Easier loading of property script for custom weld types. Controls allow the original geometry to be trimmed, deleted and stitched, or simply for the new fillet surfaces to be created without modifying the original input surfaces.


New and updated Connector Realizations. Mass Calculations in summary templates.

HyperWorks Release Notes > Finite Element Meshing and Modeling > HyperMesh Release Notes

The element quality index can now hotes plotted using colors and legends. Multithreading for penetration and intersection check has been added. ANSYS solver does not support any formula for sets. Only constant beam section and thickness elements are considered. These features can be treated separately from the rest of the model, for example you can have a very specific mesh criteria whereas the rest of the model can have a more relaxed mesh criteria where the feature capture is less critical.

New contact types nofes as point-to-edge and point-to-surface have been introduced. The parameters in the.

Available Product Updates

You can then select components, and define tolerance and break angle to define auto contacts. Within the latest version there are also updates to the surface projection and tolerance algorithms. There are motes options that allow the boundary nodes and internal nodes to move, as well as options that allow complete control over whether you wish to fix either sliver or wedge, or both types of elements.

A new capability for creating adhesive realization using seam connector building continuous hexa using lines as input has been implemented.

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