HyperWorks Composite Optimization Tutorial – Formula-Student- Monocoque. Composite Optimization Tutorial – Formula-Student-. 2 HyperMesh Core Tutorials Altair Engineering. Proprietary Information of Altair Engineering. HM Meshing a Model Using Shrink Wrap. 3-D Elements. “Composite Optimization with Optistruct on the example of a Formula https ://

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SimLab is not a traditional off-the-shelf pre- and post-processing software, but a vertical application development platform for capturing and automating simulation processes. Can will focus on the relationship between highly complex design documents and construction technique that minimize cost while working on a custom and double curved surface for one of the largest and most iconic construction sites of the globe. ElectroFlo Brochure Learn More.

The World is Built tutorrials Engineering Dr. Professor Thomke shows that an organization’s ability to innovate depends on tutlrials experimenting with new products, processes, customer experiences and business models. Based on modern technology, the standalone platform offers fast and accurate computations.

Designing Efficient and Sustainable Energy Generation Equipment Thanks to Simulation From conventional to renewable energy and large-scale power plants to in-house systems, energy generation has to be efficient and sustainable to supply the grid and support different needs.

Altair Inspire Extrude Metal Brochure This brochure highlights the features, benefits and the steps that are involved in the metal extrusion simulation under Altair Inspire Extrude.

Altair Inspire Cast Brochure Altair Inspire Tutoriasl brochure highlighting the features and benefits of this powerful casting and manufacturing tutoriials solution.

HyperWorks 11.0 HyperMesh Core Tutorials

For the design for mass production and optimal operational use, the Altair HyperWorks Suite was leveraged to find solutions for weight reduction without increasing manufacturing costs. FEKO has been applied extensively in both commercial marine and naval applications to solve a wide range of EMC problems including antenna coupling and co-site interference analysis, cable coupling and radiation analysis and radiation hazard RADHAZ zone analysis. Altair strongly believes we have all the necessary technologies required for the Product engineering digital transform and the value add being: Drawing on two decades of research in multiple industries, he provides striking illustrations of how companies execute innovation more effectively.

It eliminates geometry simplification and meshing, the two most time-consuming and expertise-extensive tasks done in traditional FEA, enabling the analysis of fully-featured CAD assemblies in minutes without meshing.

Altair offers the innovative Flux software to answer these tutorixls. Flux embeds its own pre-preprocessing tools but designers sometimes need to deal with complex 3D geometries generated by their CAD team. In this webinar, discover all the new features in the latest versions of Flux and FluxMotor. SimLab Brochure SimLab is a process oriented, feature based finite element modeling software that hyperwork you to quickly and accurately simulate engineering behavior of complex assemblies.


HyperWorks 11.0 Composite Optimization Tutorial – Formula-Student-Monocoque

FluxMotor Brochure FluxMotor is a flexible open software tool dedicated to the pre-design of electric rotating machines. A Rocket Launch for International Student Satellites ARLISSis a competitive event for the evaluation of autonomous robots — conducting tests relating to their autonomous descent back to the ground after being launched m above the ground using a small rocket.

Composites offer designers the ability to create a material and engineer its properties to resist particular load cases and environments. The automotive industry is experiencing ever increasing requirements on new vehicles from all directions.

The Design Revolution Offered by Combining Additive Manufacturing with Simulation Driven Design Topology optimization is a computer based calculation procedure which can design mechanically stressed component structures in such a way that the highest possible rigidity can be achieved with minimal material gutorials. Why do companies constantly come out with exciting innovations while others have great difficulty?

Fallbrook Technologies Learn More.

HyperWorks HyperMesh Core Tutorials | BAJA Tutor

To meet these challenges, Altair has utilized its expertise in model management, large dataflow, job submittal, optimization and visualization, leveraging HyperWorks technologies to create a vertically integrated end-to-end process software tool.

Whether you are working with high-performance continuous fiber-reinforced composites, injection molded short fiber, or even reinforced concrete, Altair Multiscale Designer provides accurate, efficient solutions hyperqorks the development of multiscale material models and simulation parts manufactured from heterogeneous materials. Smart Grid Equipment Design From power plants that regulate their power output, to the coordination of centralized and decentralized energy supplies and fluctuations in power needs – Smart Grid is gaining importance and is expected to provide on-demand management.

Safe and Flexible Distribution: ESAComp for Architecture Tktorials offer designers the ability to create a material and engineer its properties to resist particular load cases and environments. This design piece demonstrates the feasibility of his Active Grid Monocoque System AGM he uses in his work for highly curved, wide spun architecture.

To create this unique structure, the design team used Altair HyperWorks. It enables the user to build a machine from standard or customized parts, add windings and materials to run a selection of tests and compare results.

It is a thermal package capable of solving problems involving conduction, natural, and forced convection, radiation and conjugate heat transfer, yet it is easy enough to use for a non-CFD expert. Their design must comply with several electromagnetic and thermal constraints to guarantee high performance, safety and efficiency. Thoughts from Attendees at the Global ATC Thoughts from attendees express the energy and passion emanating through the exchange of knowledge, information, ideas and stories by technology leaders and industry executives at the Global Altair Technology Conference.


During his speech Mr. During his keynote, Prof. Knots find interesting applications in various field of electromagnetics. Altair ElectroFlo is designed exclusively for challenging electronics cooling and design applications. For a recent project requiring optimization of a mounting structure of a medium sized PV field with a power of 5 MW, engineers used HyperWorks.

Thomke explains why business experimentation is so critical to the management of innovation, underscores the huge potential of simulation and new digital platformsand outlines what managers must do to integrate them successfully.

SmartCore Datasheet Learn More. Discover how FluxMotor can radically change the way machines are designed, through each stage and be able to use standard or customized parts, add windings easily and quickly attribute materials before computing its performance. Altair Inspire Form Brochure Altair Inspire Form brochure highlighting the features and benefits of this powerful form simulation solution.

Thus, improvement of early concept development to mature designs faster and with better design balance must be a key goal of vehicle development.

In a very intuitive interface, it allows defining a machine from templates, creating its winding, and characterizing its performance in a few clicks.

SimSolid accelerates product exploration with highly accurate engineering simulation: Tutorilas this presentation, hypegworks current state of digitalization of maritime industry, structural rules and evaluation software used for hull structural design will be introduced. Join the Simulation Revolution: Today CAE is a fully integrated in the NVH development due to significant innovations in computer algorithms, application hyperwotks and hardware systems.

Structural analysis solver Altair OptiStruct provided advanced analysis and optimization algorithms. Primary goal of simulation-driven design is to provide a continuous stream of decision data to support concept design and later product development stages. This webinar gives an overview of Altair Multiscale Designer capabilities including new features now available in the latest release.

Until now, enabling this process on live vehicle programs has been a challenge.