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We have control over exactly how the SQL queries are written. Based on the flush elements specified within the cache model, this cache will be flushed every 24 hours. Important It is your responsibility to add the objects you want returned to the list. Use discretion and organize the statements interivew maps quesgions for your application by finding some logical way to group them. Next to Mapped Statements, the Result Map is probably one of the most commonly used and most important features to understand.

The QueryforMap methods provide the same functionality but under a different name, for the sake of continuity with the Java implementation.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. The syntax for using a Map or IDictionary is identical to the rich object syntax. The value of the statement property must be the name of another mapped statement. Unary Conditional Elements 3. But with a container managed lnterview, you might also want to configure it for global transactions as follows:.

If your database is generating the primary keys, the generated key can be returned from the same method call, like this:. Ibatie means that each thread that calls BeginTransaction will get a unique Connection object for their transaction.

This can come in handy for debugging.

You may need to perform some post-processing task on the result objects. Developers often create maps between objects within an application. This means that each call to executeXxxx will be a single unit of work.


An example familiar to most would be a web search engine that finds 10, hits, but only displays at a time. The following sections describe the various kinds of elements, including Binary Conditionals, Unary Conditionals and Iterate. Then why not use Hibernate for that? The value of the resultClass attribute can be a Type Alias or the fully qualified name of a class.

Each configuration file can specify one database or datasource. Similarly, make sure you only have one method named getXxxx and setXxxx.

iBatis Tutorial

For more about Cache Models, see Section 3. Just create another configuration file and pass the name of that file when the Data Mapper client is created.

Finally there is a queryForList method that takes a row handler. Your delegate can then cope with the object and add to the list, if appropriate. In each case the ClassLoader used to load the resources will be the same as that which loaded the Resources class, or when that fails, the system class loader will be used.

For more information about quesyions Map and IDictionary types as parameters, see Questiins 3. If application is already developed in Hiberante and if you want to achieve reporting moduels we can go for ibatis. Installing the Data Mapper for.

However, objects read from a read-only cache should not be modified. When executed, a Person object is instantiated and populated by matching the object property names to the aliased column names from the query. Is Hibernate and IBatis can be used on one application? If you have control over the relational schema, you might be able to name the columns so they also work as property names.

Oraclesome vendors post-generate keys e. Otherwise they are left unchanged. The typical solution is usually a mess of conditional if-else statements and horrid string concatenations. Result Maps support primitive types as results as well. Depending on the situation, there could be as many as 16 different SQL queries generated from the above dynamic statement.

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The names of actual companies and interbiew mentioned herein may be the queztions of their respective owners. Data Mapper Configuration Elements 5. Line 2 of the file is what is shown to be configuring Log4J to only ivatis errors to the stdout appender. Statement-type Element Attributes 3. If the query returns hits, we might need to present the hits to the user in sets of fifty, and let them move back and forth between the sets.

You can choose to manage global transactions externally, quetions programmatically coded by handor by implementing another framework such as the very common EJB. There are many openings for iBATIS jobs such as Java developer, Project lead, senior software engineer, lead software engineer etc all over India and many countries.

An Introduction to iBatis (MyBatis), An alternative to Hibernate and JDBC | Java Magic

Now that we know the basic configuration steps,let’s jump into example. This works very well for stored procedures, works very well for reporting applications, etc. This works very well for stored procedures, works very well for reporting applications, etc. You may not want a statement to return a simple type, but a fully-formed compex type.

20 REAL TIME IBATIS Interview Questions and Answers IBATIS Interview Questions

This class has one primary static method named buildSqlMap. The implementation is specified in the type attribute of the cacheModel element as discussed above. If you just need the value, you can use a standard type as a result class, as shown in Example Parameter Maps and Inline Parameters 3. The LRU cache implementation uses an Least Recently Used algorithm to determines how objects are automatically removed from the cache.

We can retrive the data the way we want.

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