IBM System Storage DS Architecture and Implementation. Storage facility Configuring the DS storage for FB volumes. Front cover. IBM System Storage. DS Architecture and Implementation. Bertrand Dufrasne. Andreas Baer. Peter Klee. Danijel Paulin. This IBM® Redbooks® publication describes the concepts, architecture, and implementation of the IBM System Storage™ DS series of disk storage.

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This information contains examples of data and reports used in daily business operations.

Hardware features, software features, design considerations, and operational guidelines all contribute to make the DS extremely reliable. When the copy process is complete, each CEC shuts down. Performance of the RAID 6 array returns to normal when the data reconstruction, on the spare device, has completed.

DS8000 architecture

There is also a fault indicator. The DS can have up to 16 of these adapters installed in pairs. The Operating Environment License is now priced based on the performance, capacity, speed, and other characteristics that provide value in customer environments.

The DS provides a nondisruptive upgrade path for the DS Qnd standard cablingand additional Model 95E expansion frames allowing processor, cache, and storage enhancements to be performed concurrently without disrupting applications. With the advanced Copy Services functions the DS series integrates, data availability can be enhanced even further.

DS architecture

The installed storage is connected to the processors through internal switched FC fabrics. It can be used to rebuild a RAID 5 array when certain disk errors occur architecure a normal determination is made that it is time to bring in a spare to replace a failing disk drive. It leads to higher throughput rates.


These changes use the many strengths of architectute PCI Express architecture. This feature simplifies management by enabling easier, online volume expansion to support application data growth, and to support data center migration and consolidation to larger volumes in order to ease addressing constraints.

For DS, the upper enclosure populates one loop, and the lower enclosure populates the other loop, in a disk enclosure pair. High density storage enclosures offer a considerable reduction in footprint and energy consumption, making them the most space and energy-efficient models in the DS series.

Thus, when a drive fails in one of the RAID 0 arrays, we can rebuild the failed drive by reading the data from the equivalent drive in the other RAID 0 array.

Transfers are bidirectional, which means data can flow to and from a device simultaneously. RAID 0 optimizes performance by striping volume implementaton across multiple disk drives at a time.

CUIR reduces manual operator intervention and the possibility of human error during maintenance actions, while at the same time reducing the time required for the maintenance. It is a plant-only feature, meaning that it can only be installed on new machines. Each Fibre Channel port supports a maximum of host login IDs and 1, paths.

Contents vii 8. This scrubbing process applies to both array members and spare DDMs. His areas of expertise include setup adn demonstration of IBM System Storage products and solutions in various environments. Hardware components and architecture 59 Figure illustrates the preferred HA plug order for DS They draw cooling air in through the front of each enclosure and exhaust air to the center plenum and then out the top of the frame.

IBM System Storage DS8000: Architecture and Implementation

For additional information, see 3. The power area can contain zero or two battery backup units BBUsdepending on the xtorage. Both systems feature a dual 2-way or dual 4-way processor complex implementation. Business Class cabling was developed as a cost-optimized option as it extends the same amount of disk enclosures 10 over fewer DA pairs 2compared to the Enterprise Standard cabling.


Information concerning non-IBM products was obtained from the suppliers of those products, their published announcements or other publicly available sources. However, the partner DA retains connection. Redundant spare memory bits in cache, directories, and main memory Redundant and hot-swap cooling Redundant and hot-swap power supplies Self-healing For a system to be self-healing, it must be able to recover from a failing component by first detecting and isolating the failed component.

IBM System Storage DS Architecture and Implementation | IBM Redbooks

POWER6 cache availability In the event that an uncorrectable error occurs in L2 or L3 cache, the system will be able to dynamically remove the offending line of cache without requiring a reboot. All expansion frames contain the power and cooling components needed to run the frame. Each Fibre Channel port supports a maximum of host login IDs and paths. Slots 1, 2, 4, and 5 support 4-Gbps 4-Port HAs.

Upon activation of any portion of a standby CoD disk drive set, you must place an order with IBM to initiate billing for the activated set.

The third and fourth frames are also expansion frames 95E that only contain disks and power.