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We can name at least three major reasons for this, apart from the mentioned lack of training in the field: Apart from permanent sections for short book reviews, newspapers and magazines print book excerpts, longer ljubai, cover stories and occasional interviews with authors and translators.

Among all these publishing houses Laguna and Paideia have the largest print runs for Arabic literature written in languages other than Arabic. The Prophet ; 2.

Medicina srca i duše – ابن قيم الجوزية, Ersan Grahovac, Ibn Kajjim • BookLikes (ISBN)

It is clear from the previously said that laws of Wild West still rule the book market zaljubljneih Serbia, and authors, translators and other direct participants in book production often become collateral damage. Only one anthology of poetry belongs to classical period. We know for kaajjim fact that Serbia has signed and ratified several bilateral conventions that are supposed to provide scientific and cultural cooperation and exchange. Biblija nam govori da je Musa a.

The second was by Dragana Kujovic, The Nights of Nightsand the third and last was published to commemorate his death in with a collection of short stories The Stories of Our Alleytranslated by Miroslav B.

Narodna knjiga – Alfa, Beograd: According to the last census inthey represent 1. Literature on the last page and Oriental Library at the University of Belgrade. The existing three year gap is probably the result of the authority shift between the two institutions.

They were educated either in Novi Pazar, or Sarajevo, or what is most ibb in some Islamic university in the Arab world. We suppose that the same applies for the works of Khalil Jubran and Amin Maaluf.

Uvodjenje Zaljubljenih U Vrt Ljubavi : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Evaluative assessments and recommendations Previously presented facts and figures leave us with ambiguous feelings. The two works that were translated from the dialects, both by Srpko Lestaric, have great scientific and cultural importance since they introduce the complex and little known branch of Arab folk literature study to the Serbian scene. They are zaljublenih not interested in the literature, and they usually learn only so much of the Serbian zaljublnenih to meet their communicative and professional needs.


Publishing and translations market in Serbia — an overview The following analysis is based upon data gathered from several sources.

Cvjetovi iz Muhamedove s. That was the critical point for every future organizing of translating and the main source for educating translators.

Reasons for this must be sought in the beginning of transition, turmoil of the nearby civil wars, and economic crisis which influenced negatively on this trade. As far as we know, practice of paying royalties, especially for the first edition is rarely pertained. Only 9 of the total of 95 non-literary translations throughout this period were non-religious texts. Last but not the least, publishing houses from former Yugoslav republics, especially those which once spoke Serbo-Croatian Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovinacontinued to distribute their products in the whole Yugoslav territory, and that should be taken into consideration separately since it imposes some new issues.

We believe that libraries still represent the best way for allowing access to books. But, these factors are only external. Our analysis will encompass proportion of genres and will further discuss the most important translations. We see that prosodic forms are the only ones present, i. Apart from translating, they took part in representing Arabic literature in various specialized magazines and some encyclopedias, as well as participating in cooperative projects throughout then larger country.

This only makes the role of the translator as the mediator even more important. We have even seen such posters in public transportation relatively recently. As for the translations of The Thousand and One Nights, the sad fact is that it has always been translated in Serbia via intermediary languages: The translations are classified according to the type of publication.

Obviously, printing Jubran in Serbia pays off. Unfortunately, due to some financial difficulties of the publisher, the publishing of these books has been delayed. That level of the linguistic knowledge is insufficient for the demands of the literary translation. El- Kelimeh, Beograd: But if we were to compare now findings of Chart 2, 3 and 4 in order to see standings of Arabic literature translation on the Serbian publishing market, we would get completely devastating results.

That is why we have to conclude that organizing at 12 Dragana Kujovic, who transferred from Sarajevo to the Belgrade Department of Arabic language and literature because of the civil war, had begun translating after she left again, this time for Montenegro, where she works as a scientific consultant in Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts.


Although it existed for a short period, it made an important impact on introducing Arabic civilization and literature through various studies, articles and some translations. As it had to be expected, Egyptian and Syrian prose are the best presented literatures of the Arab world in Serbia. Also, these books are published in the territory of Serbia and they do target the local market, so they must be included in this and every similar research.

The most famous by all means is late Mahfouz, the winner of the Nobel Prize for literature in At-Tarbija al-islamijja wa madrasatu Hasan al-Banna.

Uvođenje Zaljubjenih u Vrt Ljubavi – Ibn Kajim

Speaking of cooperation, grants represent a very useful way of encouraging both translating and publishing. Regarding the media coverage, it would be only fair to say that amount of media attention corresponds with the amount of Arabic literature presence in the market. Even if they are the most adequate and elegant, they are still very often chosen and performed by persons who do not have a clue about Arabic literature, language or culture, and who frequently approach the task with careless self-confidence.

All the other literary publications belong to formative and modern periods. In Chart 4 we have presented both number and type of direct Arabic translations that have appeared since until August The latest examples for that were already mentioned Girls from Riyadh by a young Saudi female writer Rajaa Sanea and A Runaway Wife by a certain Sayidet Al Hijaz, an author about whom we were unable to find any information, except that she’s Saudi too.

General statistics and genre division The following analysis is mostly based on the single volume publications for several reasons. The same applies for the specialized periodicals; nonetheless we find that it does not have to be this way regarding the periodicals. Like we heard of cases when the translator was half way through the commissioned translation, just to see that the publisher had found someone else and already published the title!